MSA / JCG , Bizan/ Bannna/Raizan-class Patrol Vessel, PS-11 Mizuki

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Bizan / Bannna / Raizan-class Patrol Vessel, PS-11 Mizuki

びざん/ばんな/らいざん型巡視船, PS-11 みずき

PS-11 Mizuki, the most famous boat in this class


  • Type: 180-t class PS
  • Category: PS (Patrol vessel, Small)
  • Operator: Maritime Safety Agency(1994-2000) / Japan Coast Guard (2000-)

Note 1: English name of 海上保安庁 was changed from “Maritime Safety Agency”(MSA) to “Japan Coast Guard”(JCG) in 2000.

Note2: Japanese Maritime Safety Agency/ Coast Guard change their ship name frequently. It because when ship relocated, they adopt new name taken from place of assignment to get familiar with local residents. (Although, the most popular JCG boat, CL Himekaze-class use name of wind or flower. So. to be honest, as a resident of a small port, I’m not very familiar with the name…)

Note3: Name of lead ship, PS-06 was changed three times. At first her name was “Bizan”, taken from Mt.Bizan in Tokushima city.
When she moved from Tokushima to Ishigaki, her name was changed to “Bannna”, which is taken from Mt.Bizan in Ishigaki island. After she moved to Fukuoka her name changed to “Raizan”, which is taken from Mt.Raizan in Fukuoka prefecture.


Bizan/Bannna/Raizan-class patrol vessel is Japanese multipurpose high-speed off-shore patrol vessel used since 1994.
It was successor of 180-t type PS, Mihashi/Akiyoshi/Shinzan-class. Compare to predecessor, length was expanded to improve action range and habitability.

Especially, seventh ship, PS-11 Mizuki (reinforced model for patrol) have notable history: she joined “Spy Ship Incident in the Southwest Sea of Kyūshū”(九州南西海域工作船事件), also known as Battle of Amami-Ōshima in December 22, 2001.
In this incident, Japanese discovered one suspicious boat, and JCG dispatched. Because of they are law enforcement agency they usually use warning shots and loudspeakers but this boat did not stopped. For this reason, for the first time in half a century, live ammunition was fired at the ship’s hull. (First hull shooting was Soviet spy ship “Raz"yezdnoy incident” in 1953)
PS-11 Mizuki attacked bow of spy ship with 20mm machine gun and cause fire. Finally, this suspicious ship sunk by attack and they found it was heavily equipped North Korean spy ship.
By this achievements, JCG decided that they do not change name of Mizuki until retirement.

Data of PS-11 Mizuki

  • Budget: Heisei 10, 3rd supplementary budget
  • Builder: Mitsui Tamano shipyard
  • Laid down: March 16, 1999
  • Launched: April 28, 2000
  • Completed: June 9, 2000
  • Assignment: Fukuoka (7th district) → Ishigaki (11th district) → Naha (same)

Record Video of Spy Ship Incident in the Southwest Sea of Kyūshū

You can see action of 20mm JM61-RFS.
First shooting to rear is PS-03 Inasa (Mihashi/Akiyoshi/Shinzan-class).
Second shooting to bow engine is PS-11 Mizuki (4:14~, IR and IL)
Also, since 8:16 you can see PS-03 Inasa open fire for self-defense. (NK spy ship attacked to PS-11 Inasa and PS-04 Kirishima with rifles and recoilless gun.)
Video link:


Generally speaking, there are three types.
Also, Philippine Coast Guard’s Parola-class PV based upon this class.

This data is PS-11 Mizuki.

  • Gross Tonnage: 197T
  • Hull: Light alloy
  • Length overall: 46.0 m
  • Max width: 7.5m
  • Depth: 4.1 m
  • Engine: 3x 3,500 hp diesel engine (SEMT Pielstick/ Niigata 16PA4V-200VGA)
  • Propelling system: 2x Propeller, 1x Pump-Jet (center)
  • Power: 10,500 hp
  • Speed: 35 knots (64,8 km/h)
  • Weapon: 20mm multi-barrel machine gun JM61-RFS
  • FCS: RFS fire control system
  • Optics: FLIR device (RFS)
  • Radar: 1x Cruise radar
  • Boat: 1x 5.4m RHIB
  • Crew: 15

Other ships in same class:

  • Engine:
    • Early models equipped 2x 3,500 hp diesel engine for propeller and 1x 2,400 hp diesel engine for pump-jet.
    • PS-11 equipped 3x 3,500 hp diesel engine because equipment and armor was increased.
    • Late models equipped 2x 5,000 hp diesel engine and 2x pump-jet.
  • Weapon:
    • At first, first ship was unarmed and early types were armed with 12.7mm Browning M2 machine gun.
      Later, all ship equipped 20mm JM61 with RFS system.
      Also, Since PS-11 Mizuki they equipped high-pressure water cannon and night vision devices.
  • Armor:
    • PS-11 Mizuki increased bulletproof equipment.


20mm JM61-RFS is a main weapon of Japanese patrol vessels.
It is based upon famous “Valcun” cannon, but equipped on unmanned turret. It is successor of JM61-M, a manual controlled variant of Valcun to replace 20mm Oerlikon gun.

Basically it is same as original M61 Valcun, but JCG never used HE shells. Also, fire rate of Japanese maritime models (JM61-M/RFS/R-MS) are limited 550-600 rpm. However, PG-01’s JM61-RFS in game have extremally high RPM so it will not be a large problem.

There are about four variants of RFS turret for JM61. This class use second tall production model.

“Shikishima & PG-01 type”
Have optics on top of turret.

“Production (Tall)”
Production model, tall type.

“Production (Low)”
Production model, low type.

“Production (Angular) / JM61R-MS”
Production model, angular type. In JMSDF Awaji-class, it’s called JM61R-MS.


“Ships of the World, No.1005 (November 2023)”, published by Kaijin-sha, p.67

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