MQ-1 - what's the point?

What’s the point of theese drones at 11.7? Idk if I’m just unlucky or what, but every time I spawn, I immediatly get shot down buy rockets in couple of seconds.

Is there a strategy for them?

no drones are meant to be a free kill except when there is no anti air

The strategy for spawning UAV:

  1. Immediately upon spawning, turn on the thermal vision and surveil the enemy spawn for anti-air; if no long-range SPAA are detected, head straight to engage
  2. If a top rank SPAA is observed, immediately maneuver in a downwards corkscrew motion (move downwards while turning constantly). Turn exclusively horizontally when the speed approaches 300-350; this loses speed and avoids the danger of compression while under attack by SPAA.
  3. Approach the battlefield from an extremely low altitude. The style of attack is similar to a helicopter: peek out of cover to fire, wait for the final seconds before laser designation. However, enough space should be allowed for the forward movement of the drone (plan the appropriate path so that the drone may have cover from missiles throughout the engagement).

Overall, it is an relatively ineffective but possible method of gameplay. Drones are too weak in the game; their BR needs to be lowered to 10.0.

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Keep that garbage away from GRB :)


no they don’t you could agrgue about the MQ1 but the ru and chinese version both have 10km range
And no spaa at 10.0 could counter them so no just no

or even better Remove them


The Russian drone has a choice of 2 sets of missiles, one with the range of 8 kilometres, and one with a high explosive warhead. The latter has a range of 10 kilometres, and, an additional 300 SP cost. This additional spawn cost is also present on the Chinese drone.

SPAA including FlaRakPz, XM975, Roland 1, ASRAD-R at 9.7-10.3 have adequate range to effectively destroy drones. Drones are an important part of gameplay: they provide air support opportunity to those without adequate planes or helicopters to do so in the nation and BR they play at. Calling for their removal, then, is illogical.


Someone didnt do minimal research

That someone is me; in retrospect, I did the minimum research, although it was out-of-date. Still, the unfair previous situation was in place for all of 2 years.

At least now they get the second best drone missile. Will help those who dont have any high tier chinese planes/helis

They only exist because tankies whined that they had to play the whole game instead of only half the game. Should never have been added, and can remain useless for all I care.

Though I do think there is a better solution to that problem and it exists in naval. Players have the ability to spawn in an aircraft (bomber or fighter) from their nation at that BR with an appropriate loadout. The SP costs around 650 I think.

For Britain at top tier, this could be a Tornado Gr1 with a T-Pod and 2x GBUs or 2x PGM-500 or something. There certainly is alternatives.

I’ve personally never really liked the strike drones. I have no issue with CAS, but I find these… annoying. They can be tricky to lock onto, even with radar lock and a decent missile like Aim-9L and shooting them down even in a reasonably good SPAA like the Stormer HVM can be tricky. They are easy to miss due to their size and more often than not they dont appear on IRST.

So I do wonder whether drones should be redesigned to be scouting instead of carrying weapons and have a lower SP cost. Make them the solution for nations without good top tier IFVs to scout with instead.

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Such alternatives, however, would be unfair to the players that spent the time to obtain top-tier attack aircraft, and more importantly, unprofitable for Gaijin. We already have a counterpart system in ground Arcade mode for high-tier air support, but they are random (not nation-specific) aircraft and helicopters, restricted to a small timer, and are less practically effective than the same aircraft in realistic ground. This system cannot be implemented in realistic mode as it is not realistic. Additionally, less restriction (such as the Naval system) would lower profit.

Majority of SPAA at the BR range 1 below the BR of strike drones have radar instead of IRST, enough so that I think it balanced. Scouting is a good idea, but reassigned strike drones could never do that task, in the case that is what you are suggesting. I have always been the first to be shot down when enemy SPAA spawns while playing a strike drone in recon (after expending the missiles). They move much slower relative to size, when compared to scout drones. In the case you are suggesting the latter, I support you on that.

I’m one of the people who like the drone option and think they should expand them. The drone should have the ability to carry stingers and the agm-176.

I’ve been able to get kills occasionally with them but also get shot down in 30 seconds, more disappointed I didn’t at least get one missile off than frustrated though.

I would like the to get a scouting capability as well unless we get the MQ-9 which gets 8 brimstone missiles or 500lbs laser guided bombs by then I’m cool with just that lol.

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No. They are a horrible mechanic that needs removed from play altogether.

I can accept being killed by a Helicopter or a Jet, but I refuse to be killed by someone who spends 750 spawn points for an unguaranteed two kills. It’s a horrible waste of spawn points. I also dislike that it takes no work to use them either. As least when I die to a CAS aircraft, I know they grinded to be rewarded with that advantage. Predator Drones don’t need to be grinded. It’s just a free ticket to being annoying.


they all have 8k range with exception for the asrad with 9km range
Just saying 10km range is bigger then 8 or 9 km
10km > 9km

No Drones should have never been added like i said before
It’s a cheap way for ppl that are lazy or “grind” there way to Toptier with there wallet
and like baron said

I rather get killed by a helicopter or jet
then a cancerous drone

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Eh, it was a good idea executed badly. GRB should have used navals spawn system tbh, where you can get a random aircraft

to make you waste yourtime spawning them what else. Just going to get intantly deleted by the pantsir

10 kilometres range only comes with a staggering 1000 SP cost. The 750 SP cost of a drone is already hard to obtain compared to aircraft or helicopters. This is not “no work”, it takes a decent amount of skill or luck in order to spawn a strike drone. SP cost is an effective way of balancing; it is used for every vehicle in realistic mode, including the nuclear bomber with cost of 2500 SP that can consistently win the match.

It is true that the drones have a higher range than the SPAA below the battle rating of the drone, but this is only natural. Laser-guided munitions dropped from aircraft of high altitude of BR 9.7-10.3 can outrange the SPAA of that rating as well. Drones have newer IR cameras and ease of targeting, but they are also slow and easily detected by radar; the correct method of balancing them is to allow them to outrange SPAA. Missile’s travel time is very high at 10 kilometres, and a competent SPAA would momentarily hide upon detection of the drone and/or its missile, striking back at the drone. In fact, I used such tactics with success quite often using the 9.3 PGZ04A.

I have used drones extensively, not because I am “lazy” but because I played Germany and USSR using squad and event vehicles in ground realistic. I do not have time to obtain top-tier vehicles in the multiple tech trees that I play. But strike drones encourage and help people like me to play a variety of tech trees. Why, top tier premium aircraft for strike purposes can be “grind” with a wallet too: A-10, Su-25, etc. It is simply a matter of spending more money! You only dislike the contrasting free gift of strike drones that has been given to all.