MPAT/HEAT For Abrams

Can someone please help me understand the difference between M830A1 and the new M908 round? I didn’t see any devblog/post on this new round (technically it should be HE-OR-T) but all the stats in game of this thing are just a copy paste of M830A1 (HEAT MP-T). if im getting a copy paste round i would love some help on understanding where/how to use M908 over M830A1

Seems like, in-game, that M908 has less pen, but same filler, doesn’t have trigger radius.

M830A1 have 10m trigger radius, 50mm more at 0° of pen than M908 and 1,99kg explosive filler.

I don’t see the reason for a HEAT-MP without any trigger radius, it’s just a common HEAT shell but with less penetration.