Mowag Rpz Pak 50. Turning a failure into a good choice

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caid’s suggestion #73

I would like to suggest the Swiss tank destroyer, the Mowag Radpanzer mit 9 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 50


This armored car was a Swiss experimental tank hunter that was developed by what was to become the main Swiss military exporter, Mowag. this armored car is very likely based on the Rpz Flak 38 which was a badly designed dual-purpose anti-tank/anti-aircraft mobile artillery. but the most important flaws of the Rpz flak 38 aren’t present on the Rpz pak 50. the most important is that the new position of the main armament allows it to fire forward and the mount of the gun also allows a depression which makes it fairly easy to use it against ground targets. Another improvement is that the walls of the vehicles rise to the cabin level which provides a lot more protection to the crew and allows more storage space. an additional driver was added to the rear which allows the vehicles to drive backward more easily. Because the armament is significantly lighter, the weight of the vehicles is not much different than the previous model. The main armament is the Mecar 90/28 which was locally known as the Panzerabwehrkanone 50. the vehicle was built in 1955 and tested but not adopted. the reason it wasn’t adopted is unknown but it’s likely due to the fact the Swiss army preferred a tracked vehicle for this role. this opened a competition for a Swiss tank destroyer which created a handful of SPG who were closer to a light tank than a proper SPG. the Rpz Pak 50 was further developed and allowed Mowad to create the MR-8 family out of it.


  • small profile
  • powerful HEAT round
  • decent speed (forward and reverse)
  • good elevation (+30°)
  • good fire rate (5 sec reload)
  • a lot of ammunition carried


  • Only have HEAT for anti-tank use
  • little armour
  • exposed crew



the armament is the 9 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 50 which is the Swiss designation for the Mecar 90/28. this gun is a low-pressure anti-tank gun that was mainly used by the infantry. offering a decent fire rate and penetration, this gun does not have a particularly good velocity which reduces its effectiveness at longer ranges. but fair not because his velocity and accuracy are at a similar level to the 75mm Sherman. it can still penetrate up to 250mm of armor with its HEAT round. but sadly this gun has little more to offer than a HEAT round to engage his enemy. the elevation is decent. with -10° and + 30° you will not feel any real limitations over the other vehicles. the ammo load is also impressive. due to the small rounds, this vehicle can carry up to 78 rounds based on the blueprint.


despite his apparent, that these vehicles do not have such impressive mobility. because of the relatively weak engine, this vehicle would have mobility just good enough to not be too bad at flanking, but it’s not a racer that would be first in the cap zone. this vehicle weighs 7.8 tonnes but that is with the gun’s shield which does not seem to have been mounted. it is powered by a Crysler engine offering 94 hp at 3200 rpm (the exact model is not known) the transmission offers 4 forward speeds and 1 reverse which allow a speed of 80 km/h forward and 16.2 km/h backward. this gives a power-weight ratio of 12 hp/tonnes which is pretty similar to the Daimler MK.II in all aspect


this armored car was only lightly protected. Besides being open-top and having his gun’s crew exposed, this armored car was also offering just enough armor against LMG. this should set us at a thickness of around 8mm. the crew of 4 includes a driver at both ends of the vehicles which allows a fat chance that one of them survives a first hit and two men to crew the gun. a gun shield was planned for the gun but I am not sure if it was ever installed. I will leave it to Gaijin to decide whether they want to add the gun shield for these vehicles. the gun shield would protect the front of the crew that man the gun, otherwise, half their body would be exposed to LMG. The vehicles are open top making them vulnerable to Shrapnel and air attack. the small size of this vehicle allows it to hide pretty easily


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