Moving the finnish Kv-1B in the german tree to the swedish tree

I was wondering since Swedish ground tree got the Finnish tech line, why don’t we move the Kv-1b thats in the german tech tree to the swedish once since its finnish


Sweden is getting the KV-1C soon… also it’s an event vehicle, those are never moved from one tree to another.

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Why move it away from Germany? Its not like Germany didnt capture lots of KW-1s and even fully uparmored ones.

Still ought to be copy-pasted to Sweden. Be it as a tech tree, premium or event.

Yes. Make it a premium, with the KV-1A (aka ZiS-5) as TT and give Germany the KW-IA 753 (r) (ZiS-5 but with F-32) as a premium.

We’ve seen event vehicles (Merkavas, Type 62) turn up in new tech trees before.

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The fact that War Thunder feel the need to put every tank ever made into the game is what destroyed it .

They have far too many and can’t make them work with each other. They cant make drones work and they cant make Helicopters work.

They need to think about them. Its like a rich football club owner demanding a certain player without thinking whether he will fit in the team or not. Rash decisions all round.

I didnt say they shouldnt have one (or 2)

Too much copy past as it is in this game. Sweden at 3.7 has 3 copy paste vehicles. It does make the game a confusing mess at times.

The whole sense of identity is for each nation is being lost.

It feels now like the video games of the 80s, you guys who demand more copy paste dont realise what you are doing to destroy the game play we enjoy in this modern era.

You should be reveling in the diversity that each nations brings. I lived in a time of every tank the same in games 40 years ago, why bring that back?

Lol that was an old man rant :)