Moving tank from one account to the other

I’m certain this is possible but I need to get in contact with the right people at gaijin but I’m wondering if it’s possible to move the object 279 and it’s black skin to my main account from my brothers account and I lost that account in April 2020 and got it back in April 2023 but it’s a level 10 account with an object 279 and on my main now I’ve grinded thousands worth of event vehicles and I’ve got top tier on almost 5 nations and I’ve spent thousands on this game so I’m at least hoping to see if they can move the object 279 for me and I lost the account cause my brother passed away the month prior and it was his account but I grinded the tank skin etc and I wanna move the toilet apart amd “let’s go” title as well and I can provide all the information you need and I can show you that I’m obviously the owner of my maind I’ve got the info of my brothers account but he passed away 2020 so i just wanna move it to my main cause it’s such a pain to always switch accounts in my last gen Xbox one s and plus it’s not spaded and i want it in my lineups with my other event Russian vehicles and other Russian vehicles in general so i REALLY hope that’s possible man cause it’s been a pain on me so if you can help me switch it to my main you will have my everlasting gratitude and thank you so much

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Almost certainly not, and try some punctuation.

0 games and last game activity >19,800 days ago…🤔


Nothing to worry, he just played WT in 1970 xD


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I feel like this would violate ToS?? Mabe no tho

Just made this account to ask this question and i have no idea why it’s saying that

Having multiple accounts is also a breach of the ToS - why didn’t you just post using the one you already have???

Yeah, that’s what I said

I put the info in but it says it’s new so idk

This is my main war thunder account but i don’t know why it’s saying it’s new it’s probably since I’m using my phone and I’m an Xbox player