Move XP50 to 6.0

the xp50 is an absolute monstrosity of an aircraft that not only outclimbs the bf109 k4 from the ground but already has an airspawn and definitely better guns and maneuverability than it. Oh and it is BLOODILY FAST. I just came from a match on i225 hauling ass towards an xp50 at 600 ias and the thing was STILL CLIMBING and i started spiraling up, the xp50 literally caught up. Look at the j5n1, why is that thing at 5.7? It literally climbs worse than a tempest mkv and flies like a brick; the xp50 is like a superprop that keeps facing rank 3 planes because yolo.

Waring another Mantis post


The waring hasn’t even begun

Edit: the XP-50 could be more annoying, it was also planned to carry two 100lb bombs

I’m sorry to burst your bubble pal, the XP-50 shouldn’t go to 6.0.

If anything it can be move slighty to 4.3, But 6.0 is a overkill on the plane, there are planes at the 6.0 BR that can out-climb the XP-50 & Trust me I would know I have seen planes like the Spitfire that can out climb something like that.

That’s just my opinion, you can form your own but I think it should stay where its at or move a tiny bit up.


4.3 + no airspawn would be fine.


babe wake up 400th daily mantis post


how is it going to be “fine at 4.3” if the thing flies better than the j5n1 that sits at 5.7? I have test flown the xp50 and feels like a 109 G6 with more agility below 400kmh. My guess is that it could go 4.7 if it keeps the airspawn since there’s very little if not none, twin engine aircraft with ground spawn only. The short wep time kind of a detriment too.

yes, close to a slightly better 109 g2 as it performs.

have you recorded the n1k2j air rb video?

Whenever air rb doesn’t feel like a fuckfest. I’m not gonna play a gamemode I don’t enjoy for some internet argument.

I mean It can have its Airspawn removed and move it up to 4.7. And plus Its very easy to dodge that thing if you are flying mid or low level flight, which of course the XP-50 isn’t a dogfighting plane it’s a Boom & Zoom type of plane.

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Keyword here mate :)

Test flight is not combat


Move it to 10.7

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It’s a Typical American Handout for American Mains with no skill whatsoever; you expect that to change?

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