Move the MIG-23ML to 11.0

The MIG-23ML has SARH+IOG radar missiles and 30G All Aspect IR missiles. Its placement at 11.3 does not do enough to encourage sales. It should be lowered to 11.0 so players are further incentivized to buy premiums.

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Certified Vamilad moment


You think it wouldn’t sell more if it was placed at a lower BR?

BRs are balance tools, not sale tools.


That is factually incorrect look at where it’s currently placed.


It’s placed at a correct BR.

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“correct BR”

Yes. F-4J has superior missiles at that BR too.
F-1C, Kfir C7, Mirage 2000DR1, Tornado ADV…
Kurnass 2000 and Viggen D are superior to Mig-23ML.

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I love when people compare bomber airframes to fighters and think they’re making a logical point.

Less missiles, only capable of taking 2 IR missiles which are “better”, worse RADAR and worse RADAR missiles, worse flight performance

Yes because these jets weren’t designed for dropping ordinance rather than air superiority.


Doesn’t matter if they’re less missiles. Magic 2s are 12.7 missiles at 11.3.

I also listed zero bombers.
Tornado ADV is an interceptor, and Mirage 2000 is a fighter.

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“It doesn’t matter if you can only take out two jets who don’t know how to flare because I can only take out 4 and still have two radar missiles with IOG”

lol Flares don’t do anything against properly fired R-73/Magic 2s.

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Pick one.

Yes, it’s designed for BVM engagement not dogfighting.

It’s nice how it doesn’t have AMRAAMs isn’t it?

If it had AMRAAMs it’d be 13.0.