Move the Leopard 1A1 to 8.3

Please move the Leopard 1A1 to 8.3.
Tanks you fight against are much better than yours and their armament is also better.
It also doesn’t have a laser range finder.
And its APFSDS is less good than APDS.

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The one that’s currently at 9.0?

8.3 would be way too low, espeically since the first Leo1 is 8.0.


Why the hell should it be lower than the RISE (8.7) Chieftain mk5 (8.7) and XM-803 (9.0)?


Its fine at 9.0

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Remove apfsds and then move the A1A1 to 8.3 to give germany a stabilized tank there and add the Leo1A4 with stabilizer and apfsds at 9.0


1A3 with APDS at 8.3

Definitely not 8.3, it’s currently 9.0.
However, lacking any sort of armour, LRF, or thermals and only DM23, it also doesn’t deserve 9.0. Remember, people, this is the same BR as the OF-40 Mk2, XM-1Ch and Type 74F, which are just A1A1s with LRF, and the M60A3 TTS, T-62M1, and Chieftain Mk 10 which all have LRF and significant advantages in firepower, armour, and/or thermal sights. It’s only .3 lower than the 1A5, T-64A, T-72A, XM-1GM, Merkava Mk2, Magach 7, Olifant Mk 2, KPZ/MBT-70, and ZTZ96. 8.7 would be best.
Then the TAM which is more mobile, more survivable with the front engine, has LRF, and better gun handling should go to 9.0, with the 2IP naturally going to 9.3.


Compression is not a good idea, I think it should be stronger vehicles to get higher BR