Move T-80BVM to 5.7

i think gaijin should make the T-80BVM much lower, Leopard is too OP, spall liners make it invincible! and the gun is too good too. it keeps penning me in the lower plate, why??? and then the Abrams? 5 second reload is to unfair! plus if they make it lower people will buy premiums and gaijin will make money.


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reported for trolling

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b…b…but it got 5 sec reload and a turbine engine.

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Some guy posted about Strela being too strong for 10.0 because his SU-25 kept dying to it thanks to mixed matchmaking.

That was a 10/10 post


breh that’s possibly the best thing i’ve heard. strela in mixed matchmaking would’ve been hilarious, not just NATO mains get to bitch about it then lol

but hey, its a capable Anti Air, and it can shoot down Su-25s. I ain’t complaining

I see Reaper defending BlueRooster’s topic. Weird.
Apparently all of mankind is gaslighting Reaper too… what a weird take.

I am trolling

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Please please please @ me there


Well, Im all for moving the Chally 2 to Reserve rank at the same time

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You’ve just got me all confused from our past conversations I don’t know how to take anyone now. When they’re serious I think they’re not, when they’re not I think they are.

I guess you succeeded with your mind games, now I don’t know what to do.

Ps: He was trolling, but I also know you were still up to your tricks, lol. Never fails ;)

I repeal…

1.0, because then it can become its final form and be truely indestructible.

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That’s why I said it’s weird you were defending him.
IDK why you’re playing mind games in a video game forum…

Video game forum?

Man I thought I was on the page of my movies forum and under the movie “Twilight Zone” section? Cause that’s the section I’m under a lot here with some of the comments. Oh well, better get back to the video game talk then.

Thanks RazorVon for the reminder