Move Spitfire Mk 24 back up to 7.0

Just please please please send this back to 7.0, it has 0 right being able to face 5.7, it is utterly broken. Especially against early jets and well, every other turboprop!

What are your thoughts?

Fighting making the Spitfire Mk.24 fight MiG-15s and Sabres is more a more comical preposition still. The problem is, as always, BR compression.


The Spitfire will never see MiG-15s nor Sabres at 7.0, it was fine and still will be fine at this BR

Yes it is, but that doesn’t mean it should stay at 6.7 when it’s just a direct upgrade from the Mk 22

Regular MiG-15 and F-86A-5 are both 8.0 due to recent BR changes (in response to the F-104 and other supersonics going to 9.3)


WHAT ON EARTH. Okay that’s never ever deserved. I’m sorry for creating this thread ignore me


Hell no. The Mk22 was worthless to play at 6.7 because of how insane the performance gap was to 7.7 jets, I never even bothered researching the Mk24 at 7.0 because its a literal hanger decoration at that BR.

It should never have been 7.0 and lowering it was the best move. I now finally have a reason to research it.

As someone who played it both before and after it was dropped, there is now 0 reason to play the Mk 22, and the Mk 24 was always much better. I respect your opinion but the Mk 24 is better than every other 7.0 bar the SU-9

The P51H5NA is better than the Spitfire Mk24 and is 6.3.


Mate this is a joke, the Mk 24 can easily dogfight an H, (I had a dogfight earlier today against one with energy advantage and speed, I won after a gruelling 6 or 7 minutes)

That’s cause they had significantly less skill.

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Significantly less skill? Not from what I saw, I was doing my very best just to keep my nose somewhere near him.

of course its better than the 22, but is it better enough to fight 8.0 jets? nah.

I’d rather it stayed at 6.7 than 7.0, especially when the P-51H is still sitting at 6.3.

Yeah but the P-51H is worse than the Mk 24, so push the H to 6.7, Mk 22 to 6.3, push Mk 24 up to 7.0, push the problematic 8.0s back where they should be

Spitfire F Mk 24 not change BR. I think 2 Spiteful better Spitfire F Mk 24

Spiteful F Mk XIV and Spiteful F Mk XVI would be 7.0 BR after Spitfire F Mk 24.

its not just the 8.0 jets, its the 7.7s.

the last time I flew the Mk22 in Air RB, which admittedly was a while ago, all I fought was hordes of F-84s just energy fighting, you couldn’t keep up with the battle, you can’t do anything against jets at that BR except evade as they attack you and watch them fly off into the distance again before doing it again, and again, and again until they run out of ammo or eventually get a hit on you.

The Mk24 isn’t faster enough to avoid that, so I stopped researching it, the Mk22 became a hanger decoration until I hit its BR in my British Ground forces lineup and spaded it in GRB, and ignored the Mk24 until gaijin made it playable.

the “problematic” 8.0 jets get absolutely decimated by the 9.0 jets as well, so many of them can’t really be moved up.

The spitfire isn’t a turboprop.

I believe you meant to say superprop, which is sort of a made up term specifically related to WT to describe end of line prop driven aircraft.

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It’s horrid and not nearly as good as the MK 24

Yeah, but if you play the spitfire properly you can tackle them as they attack

That is correct, my bad

24 is good at 6.7.
22 should go to 6.3.

That’s the best you are going to get unless Gaijin decompresses the ratings (1.0-16.0), or makes it a 0.7 BR spread.