Move SKR-7 and Atlanta to 5.7

It is so well known that these two ships have the ability to single-handedly take on an entire flotilla. anything lighter than a heavy cruiser is completely exceeded by these two broken vehicles. Atlanta is good at all ranges, while skr-7 has the ability to annihilate everything with in a few kilometers. Surprisingly gaijin didn’t do anything about these two ships in the last br change. well of course it’s nothing special, after all gaijin doesn’t care about this game at all, especially the ill designed naval battle.


I don’t know about 5.7 for the SKR-7… But that being said. I did hit one with a couple dozen 6 inch shells the other day and barely scratched it. That thing has better armour and survivability than any British 5.7 heavy cruiser. It would not struggle at 5.0 or even just 4.7

Atlanta should just be 5.7. there is 0 reason why it’s not


I think SKR-7 should be 4.7 or higher, but since there seems to have been a recent change in the amount of HE damage, I think we need to wait and see a bit.


atlanta to 5.7? sure. Its gonna be a mid ship there but there are 5.7s that are definitely worse than it.

SKR no, It has no place being higher than it already is, any 4.7 ship can destroy it with 2-3 well aimed salvos.

nobody forces you to stay here lol

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Personally, I haven’t played naval in ~4.5 months so the new ship and shell damage models might be innaccurate to the current state of the game, but I didn’t find the Atlanta to be 5.7 material. If there was a BR between 5.3 and 5.7 I would put it there, but I think 5.7 would be too much.

Honestly the Atlanta to me is really good due to how odd the BR system is from 5.0-6.3. I’ve only played US naval, and even then the BRs of certain ships didn’t make any sense to me. I mean why are the Northhampton, Portland, and Pensacola 5.3 with the slowest 8" guns in the game and little to no ability to defend against planes or smaller boats close to them?

Oh, yeah, sure, SKR definitely deserves to fight WW2 3.3 coastals with twin 40s at 4.3…

Nah, that crutch of a ship needs to go higher.

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Most common logical fallacy in wt community - comparing vehicles full BR apart

If you want to compare it fairly, do it with other 4.3s - majority of them can deal with skr on equal terms or are better than it.

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This “full BR apart” nonsense hardly matters when 4.3 is all I see in the 808- 3.3 or 2.3 matches may as well not exist!

Even less so when you realize how much better the SKR-7 is than even some 4.3 destroyers- The French bread boats with terrible turret rotation and garbage secondaries have no chance against this postwar monster!

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and quite frankly. I find them a bit of a menace in 5.7 light cruisers. They seem to be able to survive a lot of punishment and can dish out a fair bit of damage. They’ll pretty much always loose, but they certainly bloody your nose. Id definetly not want to face them in a 4.3 or 4.7 destroyer


old data I guess, after dm changes any 5.7 cruiser wipes them them down in 2 salvos. I face them regularly spading my french and italian 4.3s. They barely pose any threat.

frenchies maul this thing with no problem. a single well aimed salvo is able to disable skr and then you need only to finish it off.

it is really not. no survivability, no armor, prone to ammoracking, easy to destroy turrets, cramped layout. It excels in close combat and is decent support vehicle but that is about it.

I laid into a SKR-7 in the HMS Tiger literally a few days ago. Dozens of good hits with both HE and SAP (not too mention the rain of 3 inch HE-VT). Now the crap accuracy of the HMS Tiger guns really dont help, but I got a couple dozen good hits and barely killed half his crew


english sap seems to be wonky, I had trouble dealing damage to destroyers in my liverpool. Cruisers from italy france or japan dont have such problems, nor does 120-150mm on destroyers.

In either case. SKR-7 has an uncanny ability to tank damage. Id say it has better survivabilty than most destroyers at the same BR. It would not struggle at 4.7 and would probably be relatively fine at 5.0.


had* it no longer applies after update, I thoroughly tested it. It would struggle heavily on 4.7, I’ve met them in french, us, italian lineups and they stood no chance. On 5.0 it would be dead as hell.

Once again, the problem is if they can get their guns on it. SKRs tend to use islands for cover and get in close, that or spam with 76mm HE salvos that can knock out your (non-covered) main guns in seconds…

…This is just delusional, given what I’ve seen that thing tank in both mine and others’ experiences…


On majority of maps you can shoot them right from the start. You can also easily notice them shooting from a long string of salvos flying in your direction. Skr also gets easily disabled since one dd salvo tends to destroy few things at once - bridge, cannon, engine.

Year ago I would agree with you, skr had absolutely broken dm, but now, it just dies. Try shooting them right from the start and I guarantee you will get good effects.