Move Sea Vixen to 9.3

Considering almost none of the 8.7s have flares and those who do, red tops are KNOWN for ignoring flares below 2km of launch distance, the sea vixen is also an insanely durable airframe with a flight model that has nothing to envy about the hunter f6. We also must consider that there are planes with no armament but bombs at a higher BR such as the buccaneer, that has a much worse flight model and just four bombs.

The Red Top has next to zero pull though these days iirc. Like 12g only, you can very easily just “move out the way”.

As for your commentary on the buccaneer which is a higher BR, all the wattage? Firstly imo the bucc S.2 is overtiered arguably in and of itself as more and more supersonic only meta in its BR. I assume you mean the S.2 as the S.1 is 8.7 (and has 8 bombs or 4 bombs and 4 bullpups or a mix).

The S.2 has the ability to carry 4 internal bombs and a mix of up to 4 bullpups or up to 12 1000lb bombs or up to 24 540lb bombs. Do not know where you got “only 4 bombs” from?


ah lets see, so you consider the Sea Vixen equal to the F-104? the F-100? The Mig-21F?

all of those vehicles I just mentioned have some pretty sizable advantages over the Sea Vixen, including better Flight models, arguably equal or better missiles, and most importantly GUNS. The sea vixen is at a BR where if you stay side aspect or get within 1-2 kms of it, there is no way for it to kill you. it might be able to outperform most aircraft but for what? if you dogfight in a Sea Vixen something has gone terribly wrong.

And you’re comment about the Buccaneer is entirely wrong, as mentioned by @Mitchverr above, it has a massively wider array of bombs, rockets and missiles, hell it can even carry over 100 Large calibre Countermeasures which defeat pretty much any missiles it faces at that BR with ease, the S.2B improves on this by adding better Sidewinders, Guided bombs, 90 integrated Large calibre countermeasures and Air to ground missiles far better than the Bullpups

in summary you have compared a Bomber with a Air defence aircraft that just so happens to have guns your statement about the Buccaneers are false and your arguments are invalid.


How about no?


ah lets see, so you consider the Sea Vixen equal to the F-104? the F-100? The Mig-21F?

planes which the sea vixen can easily kill with the missiles. Speaking of which the red top is able to lock on 104s from head on 1km away. If you keep the “launch” key pressed while the missile is searching, it will instantly launch the moment it gives you tone. I honestly doubt that the F100 has a better flight model. If anything it s just marginally faster, fast enough to run away well enough to shove a missile up it’s nozzle while it’s maximum pull is 8g before breaking in half.

in summary you have compared a Bomber with a Air defence aircraft that just so happens to have guns your statement about the Buccaneers are false and your arguments are invalid.

None of them have guns.

Found the sea vixen main (unironically)

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Rat tops are not good anymore

they’re actually better than they’ve ever been. 12G for twice the range, more aspect sensitivity and large proximity radius, resulting in them being as deadly as they were. Launch them on unsuspecting targets or people already turning while you’s sideways to them. Or as they usually work best: against people dogfighting. None of the players have flares at 7.7-9.7 and those who do you usually catch up enough to make the missile detonate near their flares, consequently killing them.

so by that logic it should be 13.0 then, right? since it can easily kill an F-16. you can only lock the F-104 if its on full afterburner, which any semi intelligent player would turn off when facing any aircraft, the F-100 has 4 AIM-9Es which I would take any day over the Red Tops as they dont lose all their speed the minute you turn

admittedly a small typo, I meant that they just so happens to lack guns, they filled both IRL and in game two very different roles, that both are fine at where they are

As someone who bought the Sea Vixen on launch no, it is not better then it has ever been and its quiet obvious you have never used Red Top missiles if you think they can easily be used against F-104s 100s or mig 21s. (the “easy use” on them is when those planes perform a serious error)

They recently got improved, but they are still not as good as they were years ago.

Your comment on 1km away also is a bit odd, given that this is true of all IR missiles pretty much? “instant lock” also doesnt mean instant tracking.

Theres also the key power you have as a jet over the Sea Vixen, engine off lmao and just baiting missiles.

Your comment also suggests you dont seem to know how to throw off basic IR missiles, I would recommend looking up a few youtube tutorials, its actually fairly easy, you pull up a little bit, then roll over or to a side and pull the other way, this tends to work all the way up to something like the 9L.

Your comment on flares also confuses me, you say none have flares, then say when they do have… which again is not really accurate, also you just need to use 1 or 2 flares with a hard turn to avoid the explosion (reality, avoid the missile ,it doesnt explode off flares), do NOT chain flare as the missile will ride the chain back up into you if you dont turn hard.

Again, I ask what you meant on the Bucc with only 4 bombs.

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No changes to the IR tracking angle or ranges has been made yet.

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Wait till you play against F-104s and Mig-19s with vs subsonic that can’t do anything about them then you will forget about Vixen.

Too bad it will never have chance to unless they are permamently blind and moving in a straight line.

Skill issue. Sea vixen is barely a threat now, on 9.3 it will be turbo dead with 4 meaningless missiles and no other armament to counter way superior planes.

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last match i have seen a sea vixen on my team got 4 kills, 3 of which were f104s. Skill issue for what? for a dogfighter whose only capacity is keeping 900 ias while in a gunfight without having flares? the red tops are now all aspects and ignore flares. Besides the fact they tank missiles and ammo like champs. Almost every sea vixen player card I’ve seen has over 3 kills per battle in it. Imagine crying over guided nukes not connecting on flareless planes flying half of your speed. You however sound like a frustrated sea vixen buyer. Because yes it’s at the bottom of your card with six kills in 8 battles.

So if everyone but you is scoring over 3kd in it, maybe it’s YOUR skill issue, huh?

My Sea Vixen KDR is great, but it’s not as good as you claim.
Sea Vixen only goes to 9.3 when Swift F7, Mig-17, etc go to 9.3 as well.
And of course, when Mig-19PT goes to 10.0.

Hahaha. You MAYBE had an argument before the drag nerf when the red top had a decent range AND 16G capable but after the change? Massive skill issue.

At 12G it’s essentially a long range aim-9B with radar slaving. You absolutely do not need flares to dodge it. Didn’t even need it when it was 16G. Literally hold S for half a sec and it’s done. Probably don’t even need to touch your keyboard, just slightly moving your mouse is enough if you are at sea level. You can dodge this thing without even losing speed, it’s just that bad at pulling.

The red top is only good at killing unaware targets, so having flares would not change a thing.

Frankly they should buff it to give its all-aspect capability against supersonic jets.

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This dude has 800 ++ battle with Mig-19PT well possibly got Red Top from behind and started QQ about the BRs not considering his playing mostly Broken under tiered jets for K/D yes, it is nice killing others but if you got killed you need to find a excuse to QQ

They only do it once in a blue moon. An a4e that is aware of a sea vixen is basically immune to it. And anyone launching a red top from 2km at a fast target is not using them correctly.

Not sure how comparing a fighter to a strike aircraft makes sense.

Sea vixen basically relies on the enemies not paying attention or being too cocky. There are usually two kind of kills that a sea vixen will get.

1: enemy is not paying attention so you can slot in behind and fire a red top

2: enemy assumes they can energy fight you and goes verticle. You can then work on winning that and trying to get a decent line of fire.