Move PvKv II to 3.7

Compare PvKv II at 4.0 to Dicker Max at 3.7

PvKv II has

Far worse armor
Worse gun depression
Far worse penetration and HE performance
Same reload rate
Similar mobility
Worse gun traverse
Much higher/easy to hit/be detected
PvKv II is not a casemate but it’s traverse is so slow it basically has a casemate play style.

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The tank is perfectly fine as is. Its a better M10 by small margins. Much better postpen, but a taller turret over bore so you get killed easier. Both have glacial turrets. M10 is faster, but the Pvkv has better depression. M10 has .50 but the Pvkv has a smaller visual profile and easier to camo.

Its FAR better than the dickermax that struggles with a terrible traverse arc. Turreted tanks are universally better than casemate.

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The turret traverse of all of these is similar to the point where they play exactly the same, as case mate style sit and wait ambush or snipe vechiles. The difference between 4 deegree rotation and 8 degree per sec is insignificant because they are all incredibly slow.

M10 is at 3.3
Dicker at 3.7
PvKv at 4

Dunno how you think this argues PvKv is good where it is.

The M10 has a FAR superior armor protection on what matters: the Turret. PvKv II dies to machine gun fire frontally. M10 has trolly turret armor that bounces German 75mm and Russian 76mm.

M10 has a 5.5 second reload on Ace
PvKv has 10 second reload on Ace
Massive difference for this sort of vehicle.

M10 APCBC has 64g TNT
PvKv has 110g TNT
Both are more than adequate to one shot with a proper shot.
No practical difference.

You are crazy if you think the M10 has a larger profile than the barn sized PvKv II.

Lowering it to 3.7, it’s risky to lower it to tier 2.
And that would be a real shame.
Don’t forget that tier 3 means you can play all the BP and WB missions.

I’m using this tank hunter right up to my 5.7 line-up.
It’s perfectly capable.
Its only drawback, for my taste, is its “too” large depression and very long barrel, which means that the gun drops down on its own when moving, making it difficult to acquire during encounter battles.

so what?
some good player play M22 or Puma WW2 well at top tier
does not means M22 should be 10.7 or whatever

M10 has higher top speed but accelerates worse. It has lower hp/ton, ranging from 13.50 to 13.72 depending on if you take or don’t take add-on track armor, compared to a fixed 13.75 hp/ton for the Pvkv II, but the Pvkv II also has more forward gears, at 6 compared to 5. The fact it has a lower top speed is also treated as it having higher gear ratios/more torque, so the Pvkv II ends up accelerating even better.

The M10 has a maximum turret traverse of 4.5º/s, achievable with a fully upgraded tank and maximum turret traverse skill, including ace qualification. If I’m not mistaken, this is the slowest turret traverse in the game.

The Pvkv II achieves 12.0º/s if put in the same situation. It achieves 8.4º/s only if you have a fully upgraded tank and no turret traverse skill. Overall the turret traverse of the Pvkv II is not good but it is more than usable.

Comparing a completely maxed out tank and crew to a tank that is only fully upgraded with no crew skills is a poorly made and biased comparison.

ok compare everything else to dicker max

Dicker Max has horrid maneuverability, only having 8.18 hp/ton and a 27.8 km/h top speed. It is also an open top tank destroyer with a heavily limited turret traverse arc of +/-8º to either side, which increases its vulnerability to other tanks and aircraft further on top of it already being vulnerable due to being extremely slow with barely any functional armor. While the Pvkv II also has weak armor and is open top, it at least is maneuverable.

Dicker Max and Sturer Emil are vehicles that sacrifice nearly everything in order to have a very powerful gun, and even then the sheer power of the gun becomes useless because you just don’t need a gun that powerful, and you can use a chassis that is better while still having a gun that will do more than just fine, like the Pz.IVs. They are overall garbage vehicles that have basically nothing but a “useless” firepower advantage and gun depression.

ANY open top melts to 1 HE shell anyway.

A well situated Dicker or Sturer can break any of those supposed OP heavies which get to cause problems if left to do their thing.

Now with so many nations and new vehicles at low/mid BRs balancing is just impossible in my opinion.

One thing though, if you have a good team protecting the aerial flank these particular TDs have potential, but it boils down to a niche vehicle and therefore more frustrating to spade