Move p51h to 6.7

The P51h is the best piston fighter in the game, it has the speed of the hornet, the climbrate of yak-3u and the maneuverability of the spitfire mk22, and it also has 50 cals which are (as always have been) some of the best guns below rank 6 in the entire game. The P51h DOES NOT SUFFER seeing jets, and if a worse plane such as the spitfire mk24 has to see them all day, the p51h which is better can as well.

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I agree, but what I have seen the most is the poor performance of the spitfire mk22 and mk24 in speed. To be an interceptor, its maximum linear speed without WEP is 370 km/h and that is unfortunate. Where is the combat speed that 12 boots uses?

Yeah the spitfire Mk24 being at 7.0 is a problem, we need decompression of every Br, just increasing the Br of the P51h to 6.7 is not going to make anything better unless a lot more planes also go in Br.

but the p51h is more 7.0 worthy than the spitfire mk24 itself…

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