Move J-7D to 10.7

The J-7D is much worse than the J-7E and J-8B in the technology tree, which have already struggled in 11.0. As a PL-5 carrier with low Rate of climb and poor energy conservation, why is the J-7D still at 11.0? It’s hard to imagine that I need to spend $70 to buy such a jet.
If you want to create an 11.0 premium J-7, the J-7L with HMD and PL-5 is definitely a good choice, but the J-7D with PL-5 is definitely not suitable for the current 11.0 environment.
So do something to save it pls :(


I wonder premium rank VII limited battle rating 11.3 or 11.7 ?

35g missile in 10.7 is kind op.

The PL-7 is much weaker than the PL-5B, with a significantly smaller range, when maximum overload greater than 25G it does not significantly improve performance.


Come back here when you see BRs of A-5C, Mirage IIIC, Mirage IIIE, Mirage 5F and Jaguar A/E.
They has same missiles with J-7D so, should be “OP”.

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Current J-7D has same BR with MiG-21bis/bis SAU/“Lazur-M” but, its performance is complenty different.

It is basically MiG-21MF/SMT that is 10.3BR atm with better missiles. The PL-7 is literally copy and paste of Matra Magic 1 so, nobody bring this thing in current meta. The PL-5B is sometimes considered " better" because of its performance, but in really not so much, It is the “only” weapon that is effective against better aircrafts (11.3/11.7/12.0) such as the F-14A. And since there are now many missiles like the AIM-9L and Python-3 that are actually better than the PL-5B at 11.0BR-12.0BR matchmakers.

Since the J-7E, which is far better than the J-7D except for radar performance, remains at 11.0 BR for good reason, J-7D, which has worse performance will sooner or later move to 10.7 BR.

BTW, I was surprised that Gaijin didn’t implement the F-7MG, which is an export version of the J-7E, and brought the J-7D, which should be a TT vehicle.


Play it is so suffer, i’d like play A-5C, I hope Gaijin can realize this from the quantity sold.

My bet is that that they either will adjust it’s br soon or remove the pack entirely for something new that’s more attractive to buy.
I would love to grind out the Chinese TT but right now I’m forced to choose between a boring meat grinder, the A-5C, and a 10.3 airframe at 11.0 because of its missiles.
Not feeling spending money on that.

yeah its absolutely horrible at 11.0 only constant up tiers and you cant even fly it at 100% thrust without the engine over heating