Mouse cursor feels weird

Mouse cursor in menus and garage and the aiming cursor in game feel different from how my cursor behaves in other programs. It feels like it has a slower acceleration. It makes it hard to aim or to click on a specific button on any menu. What should I look into to address this?

Did this start recently? What’s your performance like ingame? If your computer struggles with the game performance wise it can increase frametime which would make your input(mouse in this case) feel sluggish. Make sure vsync is off.

If you’re new and it’s felt like this the entire time, I remember that when I started playing I was initially frustrated by how the mouse movement felt compared to FPS games, there is a lot of “smoothing” applied to your mouse movements, but, I got used to it over time.

It makes it hard to aim or to click on a specific button on any menu

If it feels that way in the menus as well and not just in game, I think it makes it more likely to be related to performance like I mentioned before.

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It was like this since i first played this game some years ago. I only realized recently that maybe the in game cursor doesn’t feel so bad for everyone and that it might be a problem that is affecting my game specifically. In game I have something between 15 and 30 fps, that could be the issue but I have never felt this kind of “slowed cursor acceleration” in other games, even with similar low framerates. Specifically I have been experiencing this cursor problem only on war thunder and unturned.

Regarding the mouse smoothing, I have found the relevant option in the game but it is set to off.

It could probably be related to performance, I’d still like to find out why I have this problem only on these two games and not on others even with similar low fps.

Thank you for your answer

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15-30 fps does sound very low, do you have access to FSR/DLSS in the graphics settings? It should give a decent performance increase. There are also many other graphics settings that you can play around with if you haven’t already.

Specifically I have been experiencing this cursor problem only on war thunder and unturned.

I’m obviously no expert but what I would do is check frame time(not fps) in both WT and Unturned and then compare the result with other games you have, that don’t have the problem you’re describing. You can check your frame time with MSI Afterburner but there are other programs to do it as well.

Maybe the problem is completely unrelated to performance but it’s my best guess.

Good luck, hope you find a solution or, at least, the answer you’re looking for!

Thank you for your answers. I have DLSS set to off because I don’t have the resolution set to high, everything is in the lowest settings. Today i saw that the mouse behaves normally if I set the resolution to 1366x768, but it can only move in a restricted area of the screen in-game (more or less 75% of the screen). My computer usual resolution is set to 1920x1080 with a rescaling to 150% because the screen is quite small. I now think my problems with these games, both with this computer and the previous ones, might have been caused by resolution issues…

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The issue appears to have been resolved by setting the resolution of war thunder to 1366x768.

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    This happens to me as well and its driving me insane