Motorboat (gunboat type) (25 ton)

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内火艇(砲艇型)(二十五瓲)| Motorboat (gunboat type) (25 ton)

Official No.1164 & 1165, moored in Yokosuka Naval Yard in July 1, 1940


  • Category: 雑役船 / Miscellaneous
  • Ship Class: 内火艇(砲艇型)(二十五瓲) / Motorboat (gunboat type) (25 ton)
  • Operator: Imperial Japanese Navy


Motorboat (gunboat type) (25 ton), also known as “25t gunboat” is a Japanese small gunboat used during Sino-Japanese war.
First ship, Official No.1164 was build in FY 1939 and last ship Official No.1373 was completed in October 1941. Total 76 boats were build.
They were build by Yokosuka naval yard, Sasebo naval yard, Ujina shipyard, Tokyo Ishikawajima shipyard and Mitsubishi Nagasaki shipyard

Similarly to 15t gunboat build by Yokohama yacht and Sumidagawa shipyard, this class was also designed for patrol missions and ground support missions in Chinese rivers and creeks.

Hero gunboat of naval battle of Toumenshan in Beijing

After surrender of Japan, they were used by Chinese functions. Especially, “No.414” used by Chinese Red Army have notable results. At the Battle of Toumenshan in night of June 23, 1951 she fight four enemy ships with one ship but sunk one and damage one.
After that battle it was named “头门山海战英雄炮艇” (Hero gunboat of naval battle of Toumenshan) and now it is displayed in Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution, Beijing.


Displacement 26 t
Length overall 18.00m
Waterline length 17.70m
Width 3.50 m
Depth 1.50 m
Draft 0.70 m
Engine 2x150HP diesel
Speed 11 kt
20.4 km/h
Weapon 1× 13mm Type 93 twin MG
Additional 1× 6.5mm 3rd Year Type MG

About Weapons

25t gunboat with additional machine gun and bulletproof steels.

landing troops to river coast

Officially it equips 1x 13mm twin machine gun.
However, look at actual photos under service they added several bulletproof steels and 6.5mm machine gun.
Also, in service onboarded troops use rifles for fire support but it will not suitable for game system.


Rough layout drawing from IJN document

*Layout drawing of 25t and 15t from 2nd demobilization bureau (ex-Ministry of Navy)

In standard, machine gun was mounted on aft of steering room. (similar to Type Otsu MTBs) Additional weapons were mounted on roof of rear superstructures.


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ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-4584170540

Historical documents
JACAR Ref.C08010854100, Deliver list of equipment from IJN to ROC 2nd fleet

Japan Administrative Division, 2nd Demobilization Bureau (April 25, 1947) “Japanese Naval Vessels at the End of War”

Websites (Japanese)

Websites (Chinese)
Xinhua News Agency’s article about restore of 25t gunboat

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