Most of the top tier jet need new missile

The R73 and Aim9m is totally destroying the balance of top tier. Give aim9m or other missiles to more pla ne /, such as pl8b for Cn( Gaijin make a terrible mistake that pl8b model without it irrcm(pl8b is more advanced than original python-3 , because it seeker has been updated), aim9m for GB (F4 should able to carry them), of give r73 to the german Mig-29. This change would greatly make the top tier more blance

Go make bug report for it then,… found reliable source explicitly saying it.

We’re at the start of new Missile generation,… and we are waiting for those to be added,… Gaijin is snail, and a snail is slow,… so wait up the November update.

Also Harrier GR.7 and AV-8B+ have access to 9M aswell, so GB and italy are currently filled with 9M’s ^^"

Well, 9m is a great missile, but using them on weaker plane( on speed) made them weak.=<
Hope gaijin make more advanced top jet, it is tooooo boring to see civil war in top tier

Please don’t tell me that by F4 you mean the phatest of them phantoms. 9m would put them on 12.0 or 12.3 and kill them totaly.

No,… advanced jets would be gimped as hell, they’re already gimped currently.

I would prefer some realistic matchmaking as, it became impossible to read that RWR.

He means FG.1/FGR.2 and yet i agree F-4 are outdated at this point

I don’t understand why Gaijin choose to provide F-16c/mig29smt, F15a/ Su27s is much more better than both unrealistic (no aim 120 )and unbalance F16c.

Because they chose small amount but Fox3 capable(for the very near future) platforms over Heavy/Large/Beeg Fox1 capable platforms

Well tbh, i think now is not the time for Fox-3,… there is still a good amount of Fox-1 high tier possible plateforms to be added in between, in order not to compress the Top tier Gameplay harder.