More pictures random pictures i stumbled upon Part III related to Japan or Asia

Japanese Chi-Ha-Kai or Chi-He compared to M4 Sherman Size.
Do consider that the Shinhoto Chi-Ha-Kai or He variant was meant to combat tanks, armored cars, etc. comparable to it and provide some infantry support although was more focused on Tank on tank combat. Such as the Stuart series of Light tanks, and other light and light-medium tanks.

Japanese inspecting an M3 Stuart, one of many captured.

I’m assuming captured Japanese tanks in Ki-Ni Light tanks.

Chinese of an unknown faction inspecting an abandoned Type-89 I-Go infantry support medium Tank.

Soviets inspecting Japanese Type-95 Ha-Go tanks.

Vicker Mark E Light tank being inspected by Chinese, civilians, military personnel, and prob other jobs.

Japanese next to a French Renault Female FT-17(males have cannons, female tanks do not).

Australian officers inspecting Japanese Shinhoto Chi-Ha-Kai’s or Chi-He tanks

Japanese personnel standing next to a Stuart M3 Tank. Seems like there impressed.

Tank it away Qazfdsa, comment from 6 years ago on Reddit.

"This M3 Stuart was captured on Luzon on the 22nd of December, 1941. The Japanese 4th Tank Regiment, armed with Type95 Ha-Gō light tanks, ambushed 5 M3s of the American 192nd Tank Battalion. The commanding Stuart led by Lt. Ben Morin was struck in the engine compartment by a Ha-Gō’s 37mm cannon and disabled. The remaining Stuarts fled, receiving damage themselves.

Morin and his crew were taken as prisoners of war. The M3 was repaired and serviced with the Japanese 4th Tank Regiment, eventually transferred to the 7th Tank Regiment on Corregidor.

This was the first tank battle of the Pacific."

Fun fact the Rising Sun is the battle flag not the Flag of Japan this is often something many get confused about same as the US Confederacy flag, which is also a battle flag, not the national flag.

Screenshot (1523)
Type 3 Chi-Nu tank at the final stage of the assembly, Japan

Screenshot (1526)
Interior of a Type 95 Ha-Go Japanese Light Tank, Bovington Tank Museum England

Screenshot (1525)
Japanese American Soldier smiling next to a Bazooka Rocket Launcher, I assume the person next to him on the right is just a normal American officer perhaps though unsure.

Screenshot (1524)
1930 Japanese Tanker next to his Ha-Go tank

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Nice pics.


In some army they divided the tank in male end female based on the armament of it.

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It was common for most of the history of the tanks.
Ex: WW1, WW2. and even parts of the early to late mid-Cold War had small arms in vehicles meaning they were treated as female tanks.

While tanks with a cannon included were males. Over the years this has changed but not for some countries that still operate around this principle but it’s rather rare at this point.

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Type 89 MT “Haruna”(はるな) was China Garrison Army Tank Unit’s tank. It was captured at Battle of Taierzhuang, so Chinese are National Revolutionary Army.

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