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Hello, This is one suggestion to get more in-game levels than the 100 we have now. As it is now, we can only achieve rank 100, which often doesn’t take very long, but it’s both fun and rewarding as we get bonuses like silverlions and various and it’s a shame that it can’t continue one more time!

Here I suggest that the amount of levels increases to 1000 so we have plenty of levels to grind through for a long time to come where you get rewards that help with the grind and motivate the gameplay. I have not fully understood how the progression is calculated, but the requirement for required XP to Next Level increases gradually the higher level you get, and of course it should be like this if we had gained more levels as well. With 1000 level, this becomes time-consuming, but if the profit increases over time, it will compensate for this

Now we have “Only the stars are higher” where the objective is: Reach player level 5 / 15 / 30 / 50 / 75 / 100. Furthermore, I suggest that the levels looks like this:

Ranks & Rewards
100 - 1.000.000 + 1x Battle trophy
125 - 100.000
150 - 200.000 + 1x Battle trophy
175 - 500.000
200 - 2.000.000 + 2x Battle trophy
225 - 100.000
250 - 200.000 + 1x Battle trophy + unique title & decal
275 - 500.000
300 - 3.000.000 + 2x Battle trophy
325 - 100.000
350 - 200.000 + 1x Battle trophy
375 - 500.000
400 - 4.000.000 + 2x Battle trophy
425 - 100.000
450 - 200.000 + 1x Battle trophy
475 - 500.000
500 - 5.000.000 + 2x Battle trophy + unique title & decal (eventual premium days?)
550 - 500.000
600 - 6.000.000 + 2x Battle trophy
650 - 500.000
700 - 7.000.000 + 3x Battle trophy
750 - 500.000
800 - 8.000.000 + 4x Battle trophy
850 - 500.000
900 - 9.000.000 + 5x Battle trophy
950 - 500.000
1000 - 10.000.000, 6x Battle trophies + unique title & decal (eventual premium days?)

The rewards might sound quite generous, but the grind for the levels would significantly increase the higher you get so i believe it could work ok. regarding the titles, I don’t know of any, other option than possibly moving the titles that are already in the game to apply over a larger amount of levels/ranks. If you know of something that could perhaps improve the proposal, level/rewards etc, please comment on it


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Dear god. Perhaps we can have 1 more eventual premium days at level 750? Since the grind from 500 to 1000 will be extremely long, we can put something “nice” in between. Just maybe


Levels make little to the game overall

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yes, but the way it is in the game now, we get a small amount of silverlions at a certain amount of level, and when we reach 100, we get 1 million sl. my thought was that something like this could help, as we could perhaps get a profit as you grind

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yes, there are many possibilities. It should probably be a bit more varied, or bigger as it will probably take quite a while to grind the levels.

gathering some ideas then look over it at a later time 👌


We used to use an exponential curve for XP to levels in other places. Starts off fast, then gets longer the higher you get. Just rather than the fixed x XP per level.


It also helps the future matchmaking and I’m sure u know the feeling if there is one person left in the enemy team and u are able to just look it up what maybe be his “skill level” instead of just seeing a lvl 100 player cuz this isn’t that hard to reach. Yk?

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