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Enhancing Realism and Creativity: Why War Thunder Should Allow Tank Model Customization

The game customization and immersion has come a very long way since ground forces was released. we’ve seen the introduction of additive 3d decorations and unique user skins added to the game. but there remains one significant aspect of customization and historical accuracy that remains unaddressed. While the game offers an impressive selection of authentic vehicles and meticulously detailed 3D models, there is an opportunity to elevate the immersive gaming experience by allowing players to edit and remove physical aspects of tank models. This move towards greater customization would not only enhance the game’s realism but also foster creativity among players, ultimately benefitting both the community and the game itself.
Included are conceptual pictures of my rough idea:

A user could enable the mode to edit, then click on different highlighted components available to edit to remove them, then click again if they wish to restore the hidden component. A user can click a general button to default all the edits, or save a preset that they may like such as for a specific historical skin they are sporting. Anyways, continuing with my explanation…

Throughout the history of mechanized and more specifically tank warfare, one thing is for certain: anything that does not serve a real utility or purpose absolutely does not stay attached. This is especially true with skirts/mudguards/fenders. These additions typically serve one unintentional purpose: to get bent up, torn off, or needlessly get in the way. As a result most tanks that could mount fenders or skirts either never kept them attached or simply never received them in the first place. You would hard-pressed to find more than a handful of photos of Shermans (or any other American vehicles for that matter) that have been in action with any of the mudguards (as modeled in game) still attached. The fact that almost every Sherman in game has the full mudguard suite installed is immersion ruining. I for one (and I believe I speak for many fellow enthusiasts) would much prefer the ability to remove these unsightly features as we so choose, whether that be to better historically represent the vehicles we love to drive or just add another layer of personality when we leave the hangar. By introducing a feature that permits players to edit and remove physical aspects of the tank models, the game can further enhance this realism. This would allow players to accurately depict historical variations and modifications that existed in real-life tanks, providing a more authentic experience. As a skinner it is incredibly frustrating to get excited about making a skin knowing already that it will be largely inaccurate or misrepresented because the skin will be sporting features completely absent in the real life example.

Great example of an American vehicle convoy, notice how none of the given vehicles have any fenders mounted.

Train shipment of Panthers, all have clearly experienced field use already and none are sporting their Schurzen, even despite the Panther’s skirts serving a legitimate armor protection purpose.

Several different variants of Shermans operating in combat, once again no fenders or guards to be found… get the idea? Please remember I want this to be a customization OPTION, not necessarily just remove fenders for everyone. This option menu could also be used to remove other details such as stowage bins, pioneering tools, etc to really take personalization to a new level not seen yet in the game.


Beautifuly written. YES YES YES. Gaijin needs to do this so everyone has their unique look so its rids of the cookie cutter look. All tanks look like they just ran off the assembly line, so this feature will defintely give our tanks more personality and character.


In the meantime we always can rely on airplanes and He slingers to remove those useless bits from us. (Once I got straved/bombed-can’t remember- in my Sug 3g it looked just great after that) I personally don’t think that this is too important to add, I woul’d be happier with more options for decal placements but if its going to be added I definitely gonna use it.


I wouldnt say its not important, its defintely a good feature to add in for more depth to the game. We’re going into next gen era of games, so games should have next gen things in them. Its what will make this game stand out way more and gain more attention because of features never before seen.


Historical aspects while still remaining unique…full send +1


+1, the level of customisation we see in other games should be well noted. Hopefully within WTs limitations.


This is something I would love. If it also plays into the idea of modifications. I do hope Gaijin figures a way to allow us to lift and lower the metal sides on certain vehicles, such as the SPAA truck rear and side tailgates either to look cool or perhaps add slightly minimal extra protection, the stabilizer legs meant to jab into the ground to reduce the recoil of the guns for more defensive gameplay. Or allowing us to release the pontoons of the Ka-Chi and hopefully the Ka-Mi in the future. As well as the giant side ramps/doors? on the VFW Toaster.

Tons of possibilities but it simply depends on whether Gaijin could even manage to do this and I’m rather unsure given their netcode.


Should be easy since gaijin already has crossout, right?

This is definitely a needed feature. Would kind of be gamechanging. Itd do so much for the game and realism/individualism


I took a few months to consider this and like it.
I want this.

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Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.