More diverse crew genders on Spawn/Respawn

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Since we are getting more and more crew voice lines added to the game it would be a neat feature to have a bit more diversity with the voices when spawning into a match or respawning in a game, Currently some nations feature Male and even Female voices which I’ve noticed play for the commanders but would also be nice to play the role of driver gunner or loader.

For example US voices have the following:
(female commander: To battle!)
(male driver: Button up, driver ready!)
(male gunner: Gunner ready!)
(male loader: Loader ready!)

but if there was additional lines for the voice overs to have a chance at different roles as such:
(male commander: To battle!)
(male driver: Button up, driver ready!)
(female gunner: Gunner ready!)
(male loader: Loader ready!)

maybe you could even have an all female tanker crew. who’s to say you couldn’t?
(female commander: To battle!)
(female driver: Button up, driver ready!)
(female gunner: Gunner ready!)
(female loader: Loader ready!)

It would add a bit more feel to the game in the sense you are commanding a different tanker squad or platoon which may be interesting


I mean, sound variety really does help with immersion so I understand what you mean. Just having more lines, regardless of gender, would be nice.
For now I think there’s more important problems they may wanna focus on however.


No thank you, i prefer realism over what your college professor told you reality is. Actually, sure lets put female voice in as an option. So i can pick all male voice lines :)


Just use your own sound packs. It’s pretty easy to do.

Are you serious? Have you ever served in the military or are you just an incel lol

Boys when they find out women serve in the armed forces to:


Yes I have served in the military, I have served with and under women. Have you?


I guess he answered the question. lol.

I think there are a lot more things to fix in the game before we get to something as subtle as this.

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lol, well I think that is a fair demand “Panzergranade gelanden!”


Okay so then why would you say what you said. It comes off as sexist and deaftone. Its gross

And yes, I served in the Marines. While I get “haha females funny” is a thing, I have no idea now what you even mean by your previous statement. I guess you fit both criteria.

I asked if you served because you sounded like someone who was detached from reality, but it doesnt mean there werent sexist Marines too when I was in. But let me tell you, that was a fat EO complaint waiting to happen, and it didnt go well when it went down.

So based on what you responded with, what did you mean by this

I knew female Marines that could kick the ass of 95% of enlisted men, with the other 5% being of the same cut as them


Hes a fool then based on his answer

While I agree. Voice acting is extremely easy to accomplish, as gaijin has shown, it just depends if gaijin really wants to care about it, as they havent shown. This game is 11 years old, and we still even have the same 4 player radio voicelines, for example.

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Real Life states females are also tank crews. Unsure what universe you live in but you think all Tank crew are all males. Not considering anything that there is such thing as female tank crews however just not for WW2 or the Cold War. Unless you count the USSR then Female tank crews have existed for a very long time


i guess you could have the option but tbh i’d use it to pick male voices only personally


I would like to be able to turn all the silly voices off to be honest. They are in no way immersive just applied in a juvenile and often patronising manner.

I can understand that the game is played by kids and older adults and I felt there was time when the game did not inflict one type of viewpoint on the other but somehow made a game both parties could enjoy. Now it’s like Gajin have been bought out by Disney and the game gets more, stupid and dumbed down with every update.

Woke to me means inserting race or gender in an unrealistic and ill-conceived manner. I won’t discuss agendas because it is often done with the best intentions, however putting female voices into WW2 tank crew is just lame and lazy and yes we all know that is what Gaijin will do. Another five-minute fix.

If Gaijn want to put female voices into later jets where they fly them then that to me would be a nice touch rather than woke move. If there are nations who do use female tank crews in certain eras then celebrate those individual nations, another nice touch.

I don’t see that by stating WT is not a realistic game that we have to abandon any hope of realism.
Bear in mind how pages we have on the correct use of DU in the M1 then tell me WT is by no means realistic.


I’d welcome female crew lines. Be a nice change of pace. Mix crew even more.


I never met anybody who worked outside of admin that appreciated females in the Army to be honest.

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To defuse arguments and to bring about compromise, I say yes but only to modern (Rank 7/8) of American and West European nations in game lmao.

But seriously you can just get a mod or if this gets officially put in game it should just be a customizable option if you want it or not, shouldn’t be hard cuz its all clientside anyways


I dont know why you are choosing this hill to die on, especially when I already stated I would be fine with adding “female voicelines”, since I would just choose all male anyways. You should probably read the whole post, and not just the start of it…

Except you left this masogynistic answer, dont back peddle into being a feminist now, you were just getting started!

A sad truth, irregardless, it doesn’t retract from the reality that women do exist in service and serve combat arms roles as well as support roles

This has been a fact of history even for some nations, such as the soviets during WW2


I would be a misogynist if I choose all male voice lines for my crew? How can I be backpeddeling on my orginial post, my statement and opnion has not changed lol