Module Research Inconsistencies

Can anyone explain why the RPs for parts for T92 (BR 6.7) costs 4100 while the RPs for T26 (BR 6.7) only cost 2400?

Why the giant discrepancy in Parts research for two vehicles of the same BR? It’s maddening trying to grind the parts module for T92…

Please give us more details, don’t throw names and make us think which vehicle in specific you’re talking about like “T26” because there’s 10 vehicles named T26 in-game.

First of all T92 LT are on 7.0, on RB (realistic battles) BR, which Gaijin uses as basis for formulas about economy, in this case you’re probably playing AB (arcade battles), in this case is logic giving that T92 is sitting on 7.0 and T26E5 is sitting on 6.7,

It’s more expensive to research parts due both BRs in realistic battles and their both RP bonus multiplier where T92 has 356% of RP bonus and T26E5 has 332%.

T92 USA light tank is BR=6.7 in AB and the parts module requires 4100 RPs.
T26E5 USA heavy tank is BR=6.7 in AB and the parts module requires 2400 RPs.

Make no sense that the parts cost 1.7x more for one tank vs another of the same rank and same BR.

So the diff in RB is 1 step… 6.7 to 7.0. In no way does that justify the above difference.

M47 medium tank is rank V and BR=7.3 RB. Parts module requires … … 2300 RP.

Obviously it has nothing to do with the RB-BR value.

How many modules are researchable in that module rank?

IIRC the idea is that the total value of each rank is the same at each BR or Tier… or something like that - so if something has more modules to research then each module will be cheaper than something that has less modules to research.