Modifications for J29(B,C,F) Drop tanks & Weapons

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Modification For J29(All)

Short history


This picture is from AEF Presenting a J29B Mounting Mk1 Drop tanks identified due to the Lack of Stabilisation Fins on the Tanks

J29 armament

This picture is from the Linköping Airforce museum Presenting a J29F Mounting Mk2 Drop tanks identified thanks due to the Stabilisation Fins on the Tanks and the tank having a wider tail, this would appear due to the J29 becoming faster. and prevent the aircraft from becoming unstable while in flight. Additionally having Mountings for Light Rockets

The J29(B,C,F) was equipped with duel drop tanks, to extend The amount of time that the J29 could remain in the air. but if needed the pilot could drop the Tanks to get back manoeuvrability, and increase the effect of the engine.


Manual Prestanda

This piece of information is from AEF

Pay attention to Fälltankar FT 2x450 Liter.

FT is Fälltankar (Droptanks) but shortened.

2x450 Liter is 450 Litre multiplied by two.(900 Litre) additionally to the 2150 (34 Min) Litre already in the fuselage this would increase the total fuel count to 3050 Litre this would increase flight time past 40 minutes

Armament Manual for FPL J 29 (Flygplan Jakt 29)

Looking at this manual for the J29F (From AEF) we notice that the J29F had the same armament capability as the A29B, as well as Being able to mount two 250g Incendiary bombs. This is as of making this post not in War thunder. Currently the J29F can only carry 24 7.5cm Frida Rockets and two RB 24.


Swedish armed forces
Additional pictures

J29C Outside flygvapenmuseum in Linköping Having two Mk3 tanks

Multiple J29F

Squadron of J29C with Mk2 Tanks

Extra image of a. 20 mm Akan m/45, 12.7 mm M2 Browning, 8mm Akan m/39


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