Modern tanks are a mistake

Gaijin clearly is not able to implement these vehicles properly, just making a complete mess of these vehicles and then asking for classified documentation in order to give them their actual performance, implementing a 2A7 that is worse than a version from decades ago, the Challenger 3, the Abrams SEPv2… complete nonsense to implement these vehicles at the same or worse configuration as their predecessors from decades ago.

Don’t add new vehicles to profit of them when you have zero clue what you’re doing and what their performance is like, especially not if you’re disingenuously giving them the lowest possible performance possible and go against logic and common sense.

NATO doesn’t have the same level of corruption as the Russian MoD, vehicles are actually improved with the decades.


People willing to buy into this tier is the main reason behind all of this.
If you have problems with the game, I think voting with your wallet is the best way of dealing with things.

I’ve been voting with my wallet for years, but the reality is that there are always too many people who just don’t care about it or are not able to control themselves and just have to buy the latest thing and get it as fast as humanly possible.