Modern ships is, or was on the way

In a Q&A at Dec 2021, gaijin said that modern ships and missiles requires hard work and research ,but they are possible and gaijin do have plans for them.And modern ships will eventually come.But now is 2024 and we only see 3 ships that have missiles in the game ,which I don’t think is a lot.Meanwhile their missile are quiet weak against larger ships.So do gaijin still remember what they had said and will they continue their plan on modern navy?

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I think they are stuck trying to solve various intertwined issues…

Frigates are hampered by having to face WW2 armoured multi-turret DDs. More modern ones will be up against even tougher opposition.

So give them their missile?..except most AShMs will be OP. Long range, self homing, Fire and Forget types such as Exocet (Modelled on Albatros/Bussard) or P-15 Termit would wreck everything. So like the existing ones they would need either big nerfs or unhistoric modifications to fit.

And you need working CIWS and the sensors to counter the new, enhanced threats or else those missile will even worse.

Not easy. Tbh I don’t expect an answer anytime soon until at least the days BBs are approaching the end game.

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They have a number of problems to work out before they can add more modern ships.
Such as;

  • SSMs are almost all HE warheads, which means Gaijin needs to make HE work without being too overpowered (as if they really care lmao). As of the previous patch adding Harpoon or Termit wouldn’t be very useful against battleships or many cruisers, but as of the current patch, those missiles, including any HE weapons would be way too strong.
  • Missile destroyers and cruisers usually only have one gun in one turret, sometimes two turrets, and are usually completely unarmored. Where do you put them in the tree?
  • Missile guidance. Some (not all) SSMs can only be ship-launched with radar lock, that means Gaijin needs to work on surface-to-surface radar as well.
  • Counterplay: A number of ships have dedicated CIWS systems on-board. Not only do they need to be made functional, but you also need to determine what can and can’t be used to shoot down missiles. Can any AA gun with a radar-lead shoot down missiles or only specific CIWS? Will CIWS and other missile defenses be automatic or manual? If manual, how do you tell the player that they’re being fired at? The same way as planes RWR or hope the player sees the missile on radar before its too late? And if manual, again, how do you expect a player to deal with multiple missiles at the same time?

A lot for them to think about. Plus they can’t figure out how to/can’t be bothered to make gun-based gameplay consistently fun and engaging, I don’t really want to see them try and slot in missiles anytime soon. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster.


It certainly appears that they’ve continued working on it, as recently as the update " La Royale " devserver the Pr.12412P had the information card attached to it 's Strela-3 turret, though it was removed at update release

It had been stated on devstream that the ships of this serie would have this missile made functional later when the first one was added in update " Hot Tracks ".

There 's also several other objects which can be seen in the asset viewer that demonstrate that NF missilery is being developed:

At the same time as the 9M34 info appeared for the Pr.12412P, this visual model for the Strela-2M was added to the Germany assets section - several Volksmarine vessels used this weapon.

Months after Bravy was added, this visual model for the S-125 came. The basic land-launched version was used aboard several classes of ships while the dedicated ship-launched variant Volna-M was developed, so this model will be used on one of those when it 's added

( but not on Bravyy, which is represented post-modernization w/ the newer missile )

If we go older, there are some pre-split vehicles which have their missile weapons already modelled but unused which show the earlier development:

The Albatros FAC has had the damage modules for it 's Exocet launchers since introduction, and the later Bussard event vehicle also has them.

The hydrofoils PG-02 and Sparviero have their respective Type 90 SSM and OTOMAT weapons ready too.

Stepping a bit further out, there 's other indications of development:


Before it was corrected to it 's 1967 gun-only appearance, the USS Forrestal(CVA-59) had an eight-cell Sea Sparrow launcher. That weapon is now available on the JDS Takatsuki(DD-164) in WT Mobile

Mobile already features a few missile-equipped ships, USS Belknap and Hamburg(D181). There 's also already been instances where ships have been shared between the games, mostly from here to there. The Hamburg, Stalingrad BC and Tirpitz appeared here in WT first though. And the USS Lexington(CV-2) HMS Illustrious(87), and Type 7 submarine used in the event last year were in WTM first.

This vertical-launch SAM was added last september, not many ships have used it but one is already ingame: Pr.1143.4 Baku

Baku also already has the SM241 launch tubes for it 's P-500 AShM 's modelled as weapons:

So there 's plenty of evidence that gaijin plans to add more missile ships ! It 's not so much a question of " if " they’ll add more, more of a " when "- they’re not quite as consistent w/ missileships as they’ve been w/ battleships so far.


In addition to @Motherhen357 's excellent info, Hamburg and USS Belknap in Mobile are, interestingly, placed at the current end of the progression tree, after the WWII battleships.

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That’s where I’d expect them to be, however we don’t have WW2 battleships yet. And I think it ill advised to make a new line just for them since it would be hard to start them at rank I. Plus some nations already have 3 lines, which would mean carriers, or the other, more submersible, disaster waiting to happen wouldn’t have a place to be. (that’s fine, submarines shouldn’t be added)

But the USSR has already run out of battleships. The only thing that they still don’t have is stalingrad and Soviet Union class.

Revenge class Arkhangelsk, Sovestky Soyuz class, Stalingrad class, Imperator Nikolai I, Borodino Class.
That’s enough to drag them along until everyone else runs out (Italy and France will run out before Russia btw).
And if it isn’t… So what? That’s just the way things happened. They’ll just have to be behind for a little bit in between the additions of Arkhangelsk and Sovetsky Soyuz. Otherwise you’re adding a bunch of new ships after a bunch of already existing ones… and then doing a lot of backfill for several nations.

Yes…That makes sense.

Really like this wallpaper from WTM——although it’s kinda dramatic to use AShM at such a close range

Although I don’t play WTM, but the JDS takatsuki in WTM is clearly missing it’s ASROC launcher and Phalanx CIWS. This is quite interesting especially we already have modeled ASROC launcher on JDS Chikugo and usable russian CIWS in war thunder. It might help us understand Gaijin’s attitude toward advanced naval weapons or mechanism.


I’m just wondering when will ASW heli or at least QH-50 DASH(Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) come.

USS Pittsburgh and USS Newport News in WT and USS Belknap in WTM have Helipad on board. Which could operate ASW heli.

QH-50 DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter, get it’s nicknames ‘Down At Sea Helicopter’ due to it’s high loss rate) could be operate by FRAM destroyers and other ships such as upgraded Dealey-class frigate and Takatsuki-class destroyer. We already have the pre-upgrade/early version of them in WT. Takatsuki-class destroyer has already in WTM.

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BTW we already have Ka-29 in game, which is the assault variant of Ka-27 ASW helicopter.


It 's actually most likely still there; visual models are interchangeable between WT and Mobile, but WTM hides unused animated parts to save on resources - the stub and weathering for the RUR-5 location are present, the same as it looks on Chikugo here in WT when the launcher 's textures are hidden:


It’s so weird to see the launcher disappear while the loader is still there. Thank you for your showcase anyway.

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Not too concerned about ASROC as it had no anti-surface capability. However, the Knox class Frigates generally had a couple of Harpoon missiles loaded into the launcher alongside the ASROCs since there was no separate AShM launcher fitted.

Later ASROC launchers could launch RGM-84 Harpoon and RIM-24 Tatare SAMs

Not all countries upgraded though and the Japanese were one of those. There were also those ships that simply maintained separate systems even when it could have been possible.


Hope these information helps.

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It 's coming now:


Though I doubt whether they can receive their function :/