Modern Irish roundel.

[Would you like to see this in-game?]
  • Yes: Update the existing one to the new roundel
  • Yes: Hide the old roundel and have the new one take its place (current owners keep the old one)
  • Yes: Make the old roundel a reward unlock for British planes and the modern one takes its place for 100GE
  • No

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“In 1954 the roundel was redesigned to include a section of white, restoring the trio of colours shown in the national flag. The main marking is displayed on the fuselage sides of helicopters, and in the standard six positions on aircraft. The national flag is sometimes carried as a fin flash. Most of the larger aircraft carry the service titles IRISH AIR CORPS – AER CHÓR na h-ÉIREANN on the fuselage sides”

The roundel that is in use since 1954

Currently the older retired roundel(1939-1954) is in game for 100GE.

Suggestion to either add the modern one as a replacement to the current retired roundel or change the old one to become unlockable with the modern one taking its place.

(First time making a suggestion on the new forums forgive if it doesnt come out looking right on the first try)