Modern ARH (FOX 3) Missile - History, Performance & Discussion

It isn’t necessarily wrong that their RWRs picked up those frequencies, rather that those are not the sole frequencies it can guide on. It is broader, and differs depending on radar.

Mm, I guess we’ll see, I haven’t seen enough on the issue to comment further on what is correct.

At the time I believe the two aircraft using it would have been using the same or very similar radars correct?

I’m not opposed to these changes, but the data isn’t conclusive to me. If that doesn’t sit right with you then so be it. At the very least you can agree they haven’t been 100% truthful and still disagree with the validity of the AMRAAM data. Even most sources on R-27R outside of the actual technical documentation provided by Moscow Aviation Institute were erroneous.

I don’t believe so, the MiG-29 and Su-27 had two somewhat unique radars imo. I’d have to read into it to see how they differ in guidance wavelengths and such if that information is even available.

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Given the quantity of corroborating data I believe it is accurate to be honest.

It’s possible we knew or assumed that was the guidance frequency for both aircraft which would explain the thin band described. Anyways I must sleep now.

It’s not as if Britain used the AMRAAM, and had fired multiple test shots and had access to data from the US side of the program… oh wait.

Man, just shut up.

I’d get it if it were a public source, but an internal MOD paper? why the heck would they lie? they’d potentially kill their own pilots if they overstated AMRAAM capability.


They can both overstate and provide true launch zone data for the computer.

I’m not asking you to shut up, please abide by the rules and play nice. They were erroneous about other missiles they had and tested. They could easily be mistaken about this one as well. Especially if the same processes or reasoning was applied.

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What erroneous data have they posted about AIM-9L? And for R-27 I assume you are referring to that table comparing it to Skyflash? If so that was from before the UK had access to any R-27s to validate their data (though the guidance frequency information came from measuring the radar signal from hostile MiGs, so is likely accurate).


If that is the case you could lend more credence to the AMRAAM data than the R-27 data. It is still information that was for some reason released to the public when the US has yet to authorize themselves to. This itself makes it dubious to me more so than the fact that they’ve posted a decent amount of erroneous data before.

@dark_claw After the update drops, will you make new charts? Some changes had been made on dev server. But preferably after the update drops you’ll make new charts because more changes could come.

i will do it after update )

but aim120c5 is really powerful


What about R-77-1? It got a substantial delta v increase

Could you please include the AIM-54C in the fox 3 chart as well for compairison?

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Just noticed this while looking over some old patchnotes.

Note, it says the efficiency of induced oscillations will be increased. iirc, radar inacurracy was added sometime between the missile aero nerf and now. This might explain why radar missiles have that “wiggle” impacting their range, the radar inaccuracy might be induscing oscillation of which the effects are being amplified by the aero nerf.

Possibly an unintended cosequence of compounding nerfs to radar missiles over the years…

might be because refresh rate of guidance update is to high?

Wouldn’t be refresh rate afaik, if anything, it could be suboptimal PID values leading to very low rise times and large overshoot/oscillation of the controller. The mix of this with the large increase in induced drag and the radar error might be offering a constantly shifting setpoint leading to excessive oscillation. It seems most obvious on radar missiles and missiles with high available g-loads though, which is why I think the oscillations were seeing as an issue on the fox 3’s might be an unintended consequence of multiple nerfs/changes over time compounding together.

might be the same thing that happens with pansir radar ?