Modern ARH (FOX 3) Missile - History, Performance & Discussion

Unlikely. British reports put the maximum range of AMRAAM at 60 nm head on (that is likely with both aircraft at Mach 2 - going off the known performance of Skyflash SuperTEMP).

And yes it’s declassified


It’s indeed a good comparaison point for estimating early AMRAAM range.

If i get enought info about the ASF, i’m going to put it inside the main post!
It shares the same body and kinematics as the regular Skyflash SuperTEMP but has an active seeker rigth?
Do you also know if the missile loft ?


I believe “ballistic on pre-launch commands” suggests it does have a loft, but not an midcourse updating trajectory shaping. Sounds like it presets the optimal ballistic trajectory and then slings the missile according to said data with no post-launch update?

37D is either gonna stay at 11.3 and not get amraams or be completely murdered(again) by moving it to 12.0 or 12.3 with AMRAAMs aka DoA

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