Mod for crew voice not work

I want to add to my game mod for crew voice but not work. I do all with tutorials on yt. What I can do?

If the mod is old then it won’t work. Seen a lot of folks use older mods assuming it would work normally thing is they often don’t as a lot of the files were renamed or require an asset. bank file.


As the other commenter said, it’s best to just go vanilla, cross patches things break and if you want something added, literally suggest it as it’s likely someone else will want something of the same.

I want a non-serious crew voice myself.

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Typically Voice mods don’t break. Sound mods do but Radio and voice mods rarely do. It’s just more voices added for Radio leads to those prompts having no audio which is fine. Sound mods though break a lot if said file is changed.

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Yea, but mods in their entirity, are problematic to say the least, and asking to have something added, could be better.

Like, there could be a suggestion to have custom sound packs able to be put into the game in a standard way so the act of needing to install these things is a lot easier, and more clear.

Like a ‘sound pack’ could be ‘imported’ and it’ll be accepted by the game without having to mess about and do technical junk.

That’s not how Sound mods work doc. The Game needs to scan the said files. Which is why you do it before you start the game. For example, Left For Dead 2 requires you to download the mod from a workshop or whatever site you getting, extract said files, and locate the voice file for the characters you changing their voice with. Then use the command prompt to have the game fully reload all assets which include the newly added voices.

There isn’t a way around this. At all, the larger the game is, the harder it is to do this. Since it’s audio not textures or world terrain, mesh, etc. Moderation has nothing to do with that. Nor am I defending anyone. Just from the 6 years almost 7 years of playing games.

facepalm And I’m saying it could be suggested to have the game accept them better than how they are thrown in now manually…

In a more ‘standard’ way that the game itself recognizes and accepts, rather than having to do all these steps.

I’m stating it isn’t possible, if you can name me at least 1 game that makes that straight and simpleforward that is not any of the Bethesda games be my guest. Other let’s not keep arguing about it. Since its beating a dead horse at this point.

I’m not arguing, you’re misinterpreting what I said… I’m actually saying that a suggestion should be made to allow for sound packs so there’s no need to mess about in the steps you’ve described.

This would avoid much of the problem, and allow for sound mods to actually be accepted in this sort of situation.

You stating it’s not possible, is a mere ‘now’ response, my point is about making the suggestion to get sound packs as a file, and more easily installed and recognized.

And my advice to the OP, was to merely go vanilla and not mess about with the many steps to put a mod in. It’s just not worth the messing about.

Ok, thank you guys for answer.

I don’t know how simple it has to be
but all you do is go to your Config file, down in the sound
have both of these set up like this
then press save
Leave config
To extract the sound mod insides and throw that into your sound folder->Mod
and you’re done.

There is no easier way, you can’t magically drop the .zip or .rar or whatever file into a folder and it will instantly work. The game needs to scan it, L4D2 as an example compresses their mods, when it comes to making sound voice packs you have an even more complicated process because all games to this day do the same process.
There is no way around it nor a “now solution”. Nor did I misinterpret what you said, I understood it clearly. But as it stands there is no solution and there never will be.

If the mod is outdated such as in 2020 it’s typically not functional because of new updates redoing all the voice work.
An example is Russian.
You will still require
if you want the voice mods to work.

A lot of voice mod tutorials are out of date since often those people don’t make them at all anymore.

No, what you said was “I want the game to be a drag and drop and be done” Sorry bud but no game has ever done this. Cause you would be installing several triple-digit megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, or even up. This is why sound mods are compressed and you have to go through the effort of actually making them work.

You can keep asking for a better solution but this is the easiest solution you’re going to get there are no buts. Now I’m done since I was trying to help so I’m ignoring what you have to say next since it is going to be a regurgitation of the same text.