MLI-84 - the original variant of Romanian IFV

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unknown MLI-84
I would like to suggest the basic version of Romanian modernization variant of the Soviet BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle. In 1982 Romania got a permission from USSR to build BMP-1 under license and also make necessary changes to the construction following local conditions and requirements. The vehicle received a new heavier, but more powerful domestically-produced engine 8V-1240-DT-S. The weight was increased from 13 to 16.5 t and power from 300 to 360 hp, with a slightly lower trust-to-weight ratio and increased fuel capacity. Dimensions of the hull and ground clearance were also increased. Weapon system was similar to the standard Soviet BMP-1, 73-mm 2A28 “Grom” cannon and “Malyutka” ATGMs (9M14M, but also its SACLOS variant 9M14P), although over troops compartment a different roof hatch with 12.7 mm DShK machinegun installed was added for MLI-84. The crew amount remained the same: 3 (commander, gunner and driver) + 8 troops. Production started in 1984 at the Mârșa Mechanical Plant and continued until 1991. This vehicle was used only by Romanian Army, 178 species were built most of which were upgraided to a more modern MLI-84M1 variant. Overall they served from 1984 to at least 2009 (this year 26 of the original non-upgraded MLI-84s were still in service). MLI-84 weren’t used in any military conflicts during this period, but took part in different military exercises and probably also in 1989 events (Romanian revolution).



Full name
Masina De Lupta A Infanteriei Model 1984 (MLI-84)

Length - 7.335 m
Width - 3.3 m
Height - 2.942 m

16.5 t

3 (commander, gunner and driver) + 8 troops*
*- for the game I recommend to use 4 crew members: commander, gunner, driver and machine-gunner, who will be placed in the troops compartment next to rear hatch and responsible for operating DShK machine-gun

Engine power
360 h.p.

Max speed
65 km/h

73 mm 2A28 “Grom” (shells: PG-15V HEAT, PG-9 HEAT and OG-9 HE) with 7.62 mm PKT Coaxial Machine Gun;
9P14M or 9P14P “Malyutka” ATGM (up to 4)
12.7 DShK roof-mounted Machine Gun




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this would be cool

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+1 for the Romanian sub tree in Italy.

+1, mg turret will obstruct the back left corner though.

The .50 cal is a great addition. Would it perhaps give this BMP an extra crew member as well that controls it?

Yes, in my opinion the 4th crew member should be presented in the troops compartment.

Links to pictures got broken, will update them later.
Edit: done.

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