MK-80 Series release speed limitation


Can anyone try to explain me why I can drop an MK-83 in French tree from a Mirage in transonic and supersonic speed, while on the Israeli tree the limit is set to subsonic?

Those are release limits determined by the airframe, rather than by the weapon itself.

Basically, no two types aircraft are created equal. There will be differences in drag, buffeting, local areas of high and low pressure, all those sorts of things. Thus, you have the maximum release speed of a given payload, which is essentially the maximum speed possible for the payload to be safely released.

Yes, technically said payload could be released after that point, but then you run the risk of damaging your own aircraft due to the aerodynamic properties of the payload and airframe intersecting in the worst way.

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Understand, thanks

Strange. seeing the Mirage 5 able to drop payload transonic and supersonic, while Kfir does not, although they are the same base.

When in doubt, look for documentation, like pilot’s notes. It could be an oversight, but it could also be a real limitation like joshwagstaff said.