MK 13 mines don't stay on the ground but sinks deeper. No base was destroyed

MK 13 mines don’t stay on the ground but sinks deeper. No base was destroyed.
First base was destroyed but when the bases pop up again the bombs sinks and do nothing to the bases. Only with the MK 13 mines

I dropped my mines and they did not blow up any ground targets with two-second delay. Has always worked in the past. A definite issue here.

Tried base bombing with them. They do no damage AT ALL to bases or airfields.


I had free drop of 4 mines onto the airfield, which landed precisely where they were meant to.

ZERO damage to the base (and zero score to me in consequence).

same here

And now two months later, the bug report is still unacknowledged and the bug is still not fixed.

Because its “not a bug” its a unannounced nerf (surprise surprise) to close a loophole/exploit in the stupid way Gaijin awards bombers based upon “TNT equivalent”.
Mines were never used as ground bombs. Their fuses would not have functioned if dropped on terra firma. All they would do is splatter HE all over the place.

Reminiscent of this report from 2 years ago, when mines apparently didn’t do splash damage back then. TBH if they really wanted to nerf mines, or for historical accuracy as you said, removing splash damage or deleting the contact/delay fuse option would be much better than just having stuff slipping comically underground.