Mistral weird behavior when running out of burntime

My game version:

The Mistral in game suffers from what i think is a bug, where the missile manoeuverability drastically decreases when running out of burntime. It goes from 12G to something like 6G which severly impact the missile perfomance past 4km. Note that it’s the only MANPADS in the game that has this issue.

This is particularly crippling for the Mistral since it has a short powerfull burntime to glide towards it’s target.

I got these footage from @Nuckerball where you can clearly see the difference between the Igla and the Mistral:

And i got this other video where a teammate and i shot 10 Mistrals at a SU-25 and none of them hit because of this bug:

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Currently Mistral is effectively the worst manpad in terms of maneuverability and countermeasure resistance. When it should be the best (in maneuverability) according to virtually every document in existence. Its closer in weight and size to a ty90 than a stinger or igla

I’m pretty sure the issue with MANPADS is that the devs are aware of them underperforming, but giving them their real performance would mean no more 9.3 MANPADS anti-air to fill gaps in tech trees between 8.3 and 10.0. Also helicopters would go up in BR.

For now i just want them to fix all the bugs and non G-overload related unhistorical issues of the Mistral like the wrong implementation of the motor, wrong lock range, wrong gimbal, wrong spool time, the partially working ECCM and the wrong flare rejection.

Maybe in the future we will have the correct G-load but until then, we can just hope for them to at least fix the bugs and the unhistorical specs.