Mistral Unimog - Hungarian AA missile truck

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HM Arzenál ZRt . successfully cooperated with the winner of the short-range anti-aircraft missile contest, the French-English Matra BAe Dynamics (MDB), and its Italian-Swiss subcontractor Oerlikon-Contraves (OC).
The results of the contest were announced at the beginning of 1997, and the winner had until the end of 1999 to fulfill his obligation to deliver the three Mistral anti-aircraft missile batteries. The Hungarian side also imposed requirements regarding the design and equipment of the missile batteries, for which the MDB did not have ready-made solutions.


In order to satisfy these requirements, to carry out the necessary developments and for production, the French side concluded a contract with HM Arzenál ZRt.
In the framework of this contract, HM Arzenál ZRt. developed and produced the necessary quantity of the Atlas Interface Platform, which solves the installation of the Mistral anti-aircraft missile launchers on transport vehicles and the storage and transportation of the tools directly required for combat work, and battery-level logistics wagons suitable for the transport and operation of auxiliary materials, tools, control and communication equipment.

Also within the framework of this program, as a subcontractor of OC, HM Arzenál ZRt. manufactured the radar housings and digital signal processing electronics requiring SMD technology for the fire control radars of the anti-aircraft missile batteries (Mistral Command Post). As a result of the successful cooperation, HM Arzenál ZRt. was the first in Hungary to receive a NATO supplier code.

In 2004, hungarians made the Mistral air defense missile system suitable for cooperation with the K-1P fire control system.
The computer workplace of the Mistral Command Post (MCP) received a TCO terminal, similar to the terminal built into the fire guidance radar (SZURN) of the KUB system.

It can use Mistral 2 and Mistral 3 missiles. The hungarian army acquired Mistral 3 missiles in 2016 which have more range and are better than the Mistral 2.


Technical Specifications:

Gearbox: 8-speed manual

Propulsion: Rear wheel drive with selectable all wheel drive

Vmax: 80–110 km/h (50–68 mph)

Fuel consumption: 20–22 L/100 km

Turning radius: 14,100 mm (46.26 ft)

Approach angle: 46°

Departure angle: 51°

Ground clearance: 440 mm (17+3⁄8 in)

Fording depth: 1.000 m (3.28 ft)

Rated power: 124 kW (169 PS; 166 hp)


Wheelbase: 3,250–3,850 mm (128–151+5⁄8 in)

Length: 5.500–6,100 mm (1⁄4–240+1⁄8 in)

Width: 2,300 mm (90+1⁄2 in)

Height: 2,875 mm (113+1⁄4 in)

Kerb weight: 4.5–5.5 t (4.4–5.4 long tons; 5.0–6.1 short tons)

Mistral misslie:


Mass: 19.7 kg

Length: 1.86 m

Diameter: 90 mm

Effective firing range: up to 6 km 7+ km (Mistral-3)

Warhead: High Explosive with high density tungsten balls

Warhead weight: 2.95 kg

Detonation mechanism: Laser proximity or impact triggered

Engine: Solid Rocket Motor, 2-stage

Maximum speed: 930 m/s, approx. Mach 2.71

Guidance system: Infrared homing

Plus info:

ammo: 2+6, 2 already on the launcher and 6 in the vehicle (placed inside the hexagon openings) / can be Mistral 2 and Mistral 3 missiles

Crew: Can be 1 driver and 1 gunner or 1 driver, 1 passenger and 1 gunner (probably 3 crew would be better)


It would be a fast 4x4 with MISTRAL missiles, it would be similar to the Type 93. It does not get any other guns so maybe it could get scouting atleast.

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We already have a Hungarian subtree in the game, so definitely not to Germany.


Just letting you know the pics are broken on this post. Other than that, Cool idea for addition. +1

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