Missing Hit Indicators since latest "hot fix"

Hello everyone,
it’s my first topic in this Forum after many Years, but now i need some help.
My “hit indenticator” is gone since the last hotfix of Seek & Destroy.

I don’t see “target destroyed” “hit” etc.

I’ve already tried:
-set it to minimal, full and the opacy settings

The interesting thing is, in test drive it’s working as usual but when i’m in Ground AB and Assault AB it’s not showing up anymore or maybe i just missed something new in the Update…

Maybe someone got some more tips because i miss this feature.

Greetings from Germany and thank you!

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I can echo experiencing this during air assault arcade and ground assault arcade modes.

I also didn’t see hit indicators in air sim while shooting a.i planes, only learning I destroyed it through the kill feed.

I have them not appearing at times, and does seem more since the update, but they still do appear mostly.

If they don’t ever appear for you then try checking through your Options | Main Parameters | Battle Interface and see if everything about indicators and messages is set to On / Yes.

As far as i see everything is turned on because i see in in Test Drives without Problems.
In testdrive i actually can adjust the settings to see what they do.
But thanks!

No problem.

Some things only appear in some game modes – e.g. there are some settings which are “sim only” unless you change them… so thought it may be something like that. Plus I think the Option settings are stored within your account and not with the install, so a reinstall wouldn’t change that…

If no luck then I suggest submitting a support ticket at Community Bug Reporting System

These are my settings and as far as i can tell the HUD has nothing to do with the Hit Indicator, because even at minimum i see the hits and so on in Test drive/flight.

Maybe someone spots something which is turned off for some reasons.

Seem to be having the same problem in air and ground assault modes

Been going on for a few days. Seems to only be in assault mode. Widely reported. Fixed… any day now.

Earlier on, I noticed I absolutely nailed a plane, in my SPAA, and didn’t get those messages at all, but I kept going because I don’t use that to gauge my hits…

But the fact this thread exists, and when it happened I noticed it, seems to say something could be going on.

(Ground RB was where I had it happen, if it did actually happen. I’ll have to keep an eye out more.)

For me it’s in every Ground Arcade battle too.

It seems like Playstation 5 got similiar problems.

Hit markers not working // Gaijin.net // Issues

I can’t even create a bug ticket… haha. :-)
Unable to save issue [EID: d72633e5cdcbb4d4fb10b9c365f0e6a6]

I don’t know if it’s supposed to show up in air sim in the first place, but I definitely havn’t seen it when I killed another player there despite knowing my shots were hitting.

There are like a dozen tickets on it now. Just click the “I have this same problem”.

Gaijin has its best man on it…

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