Missing features and incorrect sats on the bandkanon 1C

The bandkanon 1C in game currently doesn’t have hydro-pneumatic suspension as well as a automatic transmission ( bandkanon1C early doesn’t have this ) it also doesn’t get the ksp 58 anti-aircraft machine gun
proof [15,5 cm bandkanon 1 - Wikipedia]

( scroll down until u get to the bkan part with this one )[Swedish Tanks]

link with and a youtube version with images

a post on reddit when someone wanted it in game (https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/l6jrjc/gaijin_please_bandkanon_1_as_a_swedish_spg/)

a post about swedish artillery (Swedish SP Artillery)



just turn this into english (Bandkanon 1C : Sweden (SWE))

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make a bug report on Gaijin.net // Issues