Missiles doesn't want to missile lately

so lately i feel that missiles havent been doing any damage, for eksampel fired 5 sthurms into an zsu-23-4 in my heli hit the roof no damge, hit the gun breches even.
also in my Khrizantema-S i fired a missile straight into the side of a vikas
just want right through with no damage, i have had the same instense with wolfpacks.

so yeah did they remove overpresure of what?
credit to: ThunderWar for the video


American BIAS nerf the ADATS now!

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Server weirdness as of late I’m thinking as I’ve had HEAT and HE ATGMs from a bunch of different nations impact targets and do nothing bar maybe damage tracks.

Same deal on dev as well.

Yeah same, might be a bug, i am not sure

Become a rocket enjoyer and you’ll do just fine, even if you have some of the worst rockets in existence.

No overpressure on atgms rn.

yeah its sad

Yes, all ATGMs appear to have lost their overpressure. I fired a TOW at a ZSU-37-2 the other day and it did pretty much nothing.

Supposedly fixed in dev server.