Missiles (all of them) going throug the plane, as far iv noticed only if missile comes from above

Iv noticed this maybe ten days ago, never seen this before, its happening almost every match, i have recorder 12 videos for example, those are 100% hit situations in my experience and it was before ten day or so… i mean also should be , ill can only link 2 but u can watch all 12 ‘‘WTF’’ videos ther , as far it happened to me as other videos i saw its happening only if missile is coming from above, its happening often, almost every match:


Honestly can confirm yesterday was crazy how bad Aim-9M was rear aspect no flare or and dont even know where missile went outa 8 shots got 1 kill and they where not stupid bad shots or front aspects all side aspect or rear just thought was my turn for Derr missiles guess others had problems too.

This is not just happening with aim9m, but with all the missiles in the game.

yes…its happening with all missiles…and yes it is happening to everyone, i watched videos from friends and other people too… u can watch all of mine videos there …i recorded 12 of them in few days and i recorded maybe 1/3 of everything that happened… this is video from my friend: https://youtu.be/QfUQqGz2mTA?si=8HlQCZ2hIGZFWZy6 u can see there are two missiles going directly trough him and with no damage at all…also bullets at the end of video

Short question, are you using server replays ore saved replays?

its server replay from the game directly…but i know why u ask …but it doesnt matter…cose look at those situations… almost every video i recorder player doesnt even see the missile nor moves nor flares…so it doesnt matter is replay correct…that should be kill 100000% …i never seen this before and i watched hundreds of replays …first time iv notice this is since two week ago or so… cose believe me i never wondered before how the fuk i didint kill him…and now…its happening all the time…and btw i also saw twice when missile didint killed me and went directly through me… but not many players are going high then dive so it’s not something you’ll notice right away if you don’t do it yourself…i mean shot from above…i do that all the time and not many players do…cose i think its only from side and from above/below…not from rear and front aspect…even tho im not sure…but i havent noticed yet

so can we have any answer or this forum is just bunch of players talking to each other?