Missile test problem. Reply please

When i start the first missile test of ki 148, the first message is:
hints/ki_148_missile/controls_check_init (), i press space and the game continue, but the next message (hints/ki_148_missile/controls_check_left_right) i press every key of my keyboard but no disappear. I have 2 questions, how i can swith this code message for a normal message and how this message appear in a normal text game. I can continue the test because this, pls if u know the solution tell in comments. Thanks.

I had the same problem, the solution for me was:

  1. ‘space’
  2. ‘alt’ + ‘a’ (at the same time)
  3. ‘alt’ + ‘d’ (at the same time)
    4.‘alt’ + ‘w’
    5.‘alt’ + ‘s’
  4. ‘space’

and to control the missile you must press ‘alt’ and w,s,a,d at the same time

I think this message thing is a corrupt file that even if you verify files it may not show as corrupt… It’s a file that needs deletion or something to make it work.

No idea which file, and there’s another thread posted yesterday which also echos the issue with the words all being to ‘tags’ that refer to that language file to make it pick out the line it needs to display.

This may also be affecting things in normal matches and such.

Here - War Thunder Sentences Not Loading Properly

please turn these settings in config.blk to off:
testlocalisation: b=yes (type ‘no’ in place of yes or remove the line completely)

Thank you everyone for your support, thanks to you I solved the problem. May Kurt Knispel be with you in tank battles and Eric Hartmann be with you in air battles.

Sorry, wrong message…