Missile and flare graphical bug

Hello, so i have been having this bug recently after the Sons of Attila update. Basically whenever i fire a missile or use a flare, it seems to have a second trail right next to it. The second trail is a bit darker and it just pops out of thin air and not even the engine of the missile or the base of the flare, i was wondering if there was any fix to this since i saw that other people didn’t have the problem.

Just incase it’s needed my GPU is a 1050 Ti.

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Same problem here with gtx 1070 and last gpu driver , bug start since sons of atila update

That’s weird, hope you also find a fix to it! Which i have not managed to yet.

Did you find a fix to it?

no and still have double layer smoke trail from missiles
ping 30 cuz server problem i dont think so and driver on GPU up to date i dont know mybe some nvidia panel setting on warthunder i should try