Missile Acquiring Speed or Ignoring Flares?

Lately, I see quite a few players starting to pick up that some Russian IR missiles seem to fly straight and acquire targets later. Specifically, this includes missiles with a high launch speed such as the R-24T and, to a less extent, the R-60Ms.

What I mean is that you can literally shove a missile down someone’s throat in a head-on before the missile even has time to react to flares. The missile seems to refuse flare acquisition for a short moment after launch. Is this how the missiles are normally supposed to work or is it a glitch in the system?

In a high speed head-on flares don’t have enough time to generate sufficient separation between the flare and the airframe. This means as long as you can fire at the right distance and speed to ensure the fuse is active on the missile but the flares cannot be activated in time or generate the required separation.

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