Mirage III Energy retention

The Mirage III (both variants) needs a better model, as of right now the energy retention is really badly done i don’t get why this is happening, how do you have worse speed and energy retention in a turn than an damaged A10, i don’t get it.
The model probably needs a rework of some kind or some br adjustement, not taking into consideration that it has others problems like the stock missiles and the disability to have a booster but no weapon while the two should be possible.

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do you have publicly available sources that show that they should have better energy retention?


All Delta wings have this issue, including the Draken and Viggen.


I mean, not like that is a major downside to delta wings in general, high AoA to the detriment of sustained turn and retention, only better on things like the J-7E and Mirage 2k which either overpower the delta or have a double delta to improve retention.
This isn’t an issue with modelling it’s an issue with the aircraft itself.

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Yeah but Swedish have better acceleration, not as crap as Mirage 3! Its too slow. Maybe gaijin must look true vidéo or send true pilot irl. And more bullshit, like Gaijin love do: the Battle Rating in Simulation!!! The mirage 3E is 10.7 lol same as phantom or Supaa Overpowered Science fiction agility of SU17/22 M3/4 or mig21 SMT/MF who are Faaarrrr better. You can add F104G at 10.0/10.3 with flares, radar work well and 6 aim9J + Gatling so OP and his mobility or the F104 AS. Even the AMX Italian is so much better too and lower with 10.3…
Ahhh Gaijin…Thx let next patch the Q5A and Q5L at 10.3/10.7 in Simulation!! A plane without rwr, radar, flares, missiles and just 4 x 250kg bomb in a crap A5C Flight Model, so a pleasure!

would you look at that, an incoherent rant :)

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For instance here is a document about the specs and the reaction of the aircraft:
MirageIIIC and E
For instance, on the gaijin wiki the turn rate is at 28.0 seconds to do a full 360 turn, wich supposedly is at the best turn speed, however in the document that i provided you can see that at the best turn speed at Mach 0.9 at sea level it performs 13.01 degrees/sec, so that makes it 27.67sec to a full turn and not the approximated 28 seconds.
This is not the only problem with the model , there is others one that aren’t linked to data but to the flight model pulling inconcistently.
I have another document but i have to do some calculations before.

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I’ve got Viggen and Draken document that state something similar as well.

Youve never played the swedish jets then lol, they definitely dont have better acceleration than a mirage lol.

Inb4 mig 23 and BBFR (dont remember hes username) come and ruin more delta wing FM, they are focusing on geipen then the mirage 2000

no way the Delta wing aircraft has bad energy retention!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

They actually dont the Mirage 3E has a thrust to weight of 1.09 on min while the Draken D has 1.17 the draken also has less drag and the AJ37 has 1.24 the Mirage 3C has 1.2 on min but it has more drag

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Is that with ingame stats or real world. I hate to tell you theyve never changed the engine values for the aj37 to be correct nor the ja37 but thats besides the point. Also i dont believe the Aj37 has nearly that much thrust to weight due to the weaker engine. Ill have to check the manual but it should be more around .92

Ingame stats

Do you not understand what a thrust curve is?
For every jet ingame bar a select few the engine specification shows its max power at sea level at 0kph so if you check currently the Flygmotor RM8A has 10,520kgf but as the plane goes faster and more air is forced in, the engine reaches 15,000 or so kgf thats where the 1.24 twr number comes from the fighter viggen gets around 16,000 kgf at its peak but ends up with worse acceleration due to weight increases

Doesnt really matter if its immediately ruined by having to equip pods for defense which increase drag and such. If we look at it with nothing on board its eceptional but with anything loaded up on it it tanks that things flight performance. Also to my knowledge the weight for the AJ37 and the JA37 are the same in game.

You only need one and you’re acting like the mirage doesn’t also have to bring its gunpack the 30mm guns are considered a secondary weapon it has to equip so the TWR chart doesn’t take them into account meaning it loses about another 0.02 from using them not including the missiles

The AJ37 empty weighs 11 tons
The JA37C empty weighs 12.3 tons
The JA37D empty weighs 12.3 tons
The attacker viggen is significantly lighter

I’m not gonna like, without magic 1 and R530 this aircraft would easily be at 9.3
It is that bad

what a horrible argument

what BR would the F-16 be without missiles?

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Well the AJ37 only has nearly twice the thrust of a mirage.