Mirage F1s and 2000 BR is a joke

I don’t understand why Gaijin put Mirage F1/F1CT 's BR at 11.3, and Mirage 2000 to 11.7 even 12.0, did they better than MIG23ML or F4s? or just because they have Magic 2 so need to have a higher BR? Look at F1CT, only 2 magic 2 and 1 530 missile, no guide bomb or AGM, but in 11.3, we got Kumass 2000 in 11.3, SU17M4 in 11.0, how could Mirage F1CT in 11.3? I’m really confused.


You’re really comparing it to the Su-17M4? bruh buddy. bruh

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Dude, I am using Mirage F1CT to compare with SU17M4, any issue?

LMAO you must be suffering heavy skill issues man because SU17 are easy to use it’s just that most ppl who plays it bomb and get hunted because they can’t maneuver well 'tis all. You have 4 missiles and quite good thrust and thrust to weigt ratio. Your problem if you make yourself heavy. Mirage F1 on the contrary are light but cannot maneuver that well too have relativly poor thrust tho a good thrust to weight ratio but only 2 missil ethat are worth it they should be 11.0 or even 10.7.

Agree on F1, it should be 11.0

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Well, I never even specified anything, but K.
Yes the 17 is easy to use but a comparison is really not worth it IMO, top tier, or rather, 11.0/11.3 are way too compressed right now and get sucked up into actual hell of an environment.
So that’s that, but as the F-1 should be a fighter I do agree that it is a bit of a hit or miss (usually the latter). Therefore, it shouldn’t even be considered but given the playstyle and performance I do see why a comparison like that was made.