Mirage F1C-200 upgrade

Could the Mirage F1C-200 get the AIM-9L x2,
AIM-7F x2, Thank you

What proof do you have that it carried them?

The magic 2 is better than the 9L in every metric, I don’t know why you would even want it?

And the french like their domestic production, unless you can prove it carried 7F it will not get it. France wouldn’t have paid matra to produce the R530F if they weren’t going to use it.


Given that it is a French plane and that none of these missiles have been used by France that would surprise me but as @ pyroraptor841 says, why do you want missiles that are less good

As simple as it is,… this variant is not Spanish, not Greek, not Argentinian.

Therefore it can’t recieve the currently differently wired AIM9L or AIM-7F

I’m just use to using aim9Ls that’s all