Mirage 4000 wing rip

Ive been playing the mirage 4000 and it just rips and im not pulling hard or anything it just rips like nothing i want to see if anyone else is having this problem

All Mirage and Mirage derivates like Kfir are prone to wing rip. As soon as you pass the speed limit, the wing is gone. Just a second where you don’t pay attention.

Yep. My arm twitches while I’m holding my mouse and the wings disintegrate

I have the same issue but with a speed around 1350 km/h and beginning to turn left or right. This happened several times.

above mach 1 don’t roll with keyboard and use mouse at the same time. ar least that’s how i fixed it.

don’t mind this comment, turns out simple rolling manuever could cause wing ripping now without any imputs from mouse. not sure what’s changed since 2 days ago…

it’s not just my wing that rips. When I fly this pile of $hid, I R.I.P.

Hello guis !
Sorry I’m off topic but I need you all to check something, I’m currently in flight test with mirage 4000 : 2GBU + pod + 2x magics2
My first gbu drop is always failed. I mean it doesnt have any guidance. The second one to drop yes but the first no.

So I want to check if it’s only me or for everyone.