Mirage 3 rip

grinding for the Mirage 4000, I fly the Mirage 3 E on which I have a talisman.

but god damn, I cant barrel roll more then 1/4-1/2 turn while pulling without losing a wing. and even below mach-1.

I used to be able to make a solo tail overshoot easily this way, but now I kill myself every fourth match or so.

is it supposed to be so?

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Ive been dealing with this on the mirage 4000

I have not experienced it with the 4000 (got it today), although ive taken it to aerobatics custom server to test the flight limits, no amount of turn ripped my wings, no matter the speed, on minimum fuel no weaponry.

the Mirage 3 however is alot more prone to it than it used to be.

I was just about to make topic about this, seeking some answers

Wiki says this

The Mirage IIIE is an improvement over the Mirage IIIC in nearly every aspect. Its delta wing permits high-G

Which apparently is a lie because it rips as low as 7G at high speed