Mirage 2000C5

This thing was arguably already under BR’d at 11.7 before the patch. But it was manageable.

Now that it has MAWS, there is literally no reason for it to stay at 11.7

It should go to 12.0


why would MAWS warrant an BR increase?

F-14A has 6 Phoenix which outranges all the other ARHs and now multipath has been lowered by quite a bit. So long as it is sitting at 11.7, I don’t think it is fair to move up Mirage 2000C-S5

It’s already OP AF beforehand - from an actual Mirage 2kCS5 player.
Edit: and the flight model is updated, now it could reliably beat JAS39, no joke

i have played every mirage"2k" and the flightmodel just got worse then it was. ( bleeds more energy at low speed and less energy at higher speeds) C-S4/5 Radars are meh and have issues keeping lock on targets that dont fly straight to you. also the Super 530D/F are some of the worst SARH missiles at this BR, paired with that Radar they are mostly dead weight. max. of 2 good IR missiles (4 if you dare to bring 530’s) is not suitablefor current ~12.0.

Flight model:
I don’t know where your heard it from, but I beats JAS39, and I am certain. It has a better sustained turn all across the board right now, and it also has a better instantaneous turn on high altitude, compare with last patch.
Beside not being PD all aspect, the RDI is pretty much the best radar in game, except a few like tornado ADV. It locks and tracks reliably, it search vast a fast, it provide accurate TWS with only 1 bar on the same altitude, it has 20km ACM. If this is not a good radar idk what is.
530F is absolutely crap, no words on that. 530D however is in my POV very usable, and it’s perhaps one of the best in this BR. It has some special characteristic that you have to handle, but else wise it’s not worse than AIM7F/M.
Compare with Aim7F/M:
-Notably better maneuverability between 3km to 5km
-A harder G-limiter, missile does not turn as vigorously, bleeds less energy on initial stage, and you could play with this characteristic too, if you are creative.
-Worse max range, notably slower than Aim7F/M if launched from more than 15km.
-Has a initial stage that does not turn for 0.7 second, you need to be precise with the lead and this will limit the capability of point-zero shot

And also, magic 2 literally gives you guaranteed kill if you’d launch it from certain window. It’s very common to get 4 kills with 4 missiles on this jet, in capable hands of course.

Blockquote Overall reduced sustained turn performance at low speed by up to 3 deg/s, but increased turning performance at high speed by 1-3 deg/s

the info on the FM changes come from here Datamine if you want to read the full M2K changelog.

i’m not saying that it can’t beat a JAS39 but it was more capable before the changes.

for the past 2 years the M2K was my favorite high/top tier aircraft (D-R1, C-S5 and 5F all positive K/D) but i did rather only bring Magic 2’s then situational 530D’s.
performance wise the 530D is closer to an AIM7-E then AIM7-E2 (Skyflash/RB71,) AIM7M/F, R-24R or R-27 (which all of them i also have used on plenty of airframes)

S530D can reliably hit target within 17km high alt, and 12km is a guaranteed hit or turn away distance.
And you compare this Aim7E or R24?
The Delta-V (speed it gains after the engine fired) of S530D is 950, even higher than Aim7F (920), and significantly higher than R24 (~820) and Aim7E (750)
R24 spend it’s engine in just 2 seconds, which accelerates violently and causes enormous drag, Aim7E has a G-limiter that counts forward, unlocking overload after only 4.5 seconds (so it could be easily dodged in the period after launch), it has basically 0 close up capability and will have it’s speed depleted already by the time it’s unlocked.
They are not even comparable, those are 2nd gen missile, S530D might not be perfect but it’s 3rd gen regardless. R27 and Am7F make better comparison.