Mirage 2000 Thread : Variants, performance, characteristics and sources

Yeah, it’s a shame that M4K can’t reach it rip speed, I always love M2K can reach rip speed so you can outrun most jet on the long run. But in the M4K it’s just like an F-15 with Higher BR and no HMD.

Well, maybe something like that. Due to M2K always get an update since 2022, I must say (in my humble opinion) it is one of my favourite aircraft because it makes M2K always fresh in terms of gameplay, unlike Phantom FGR.2 (which was my most played aircraft) that just stuck in 11.3 since the introduction of BR 11.3.

finally found how to use the bot of Defyn discord ^^ this is the drag for some of the top tier planes

contrary to what i remembered, in fact the 4000 has more than twice the drag of the 2000 at high speed


I hope this goes through, unlocking the M4K was a real disappointment… I have no idea what it’s actual performance should be but I surely wasn’t expecting M2K but heavy™

As you can also see here, the Mirage 2000 out accelerate the 4000 at high speed

Given theses data, we can see that it’s because of the drag of the 4000 that is increasing faster than the drag of the 2000 at high speed, that’s why the 2000 feel better than the 4000 in this area


For me it’s just F-15 with Higher BR and worse missile, but I was wrong on its performance because “at least” from @Hannut59267 , M4K has lower drag than F-15 lol. I guess M4K just got powercrept in full uptier due to its missile can’t compete with R-73 spam, also no HMD lmao.

@BigStuntmanMike We have no current proof of any bigger dumb bombs being used on the Mirage 2000D besides the current 250kg bombs in the game



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Perhaps there’s a discussion to be made about Gaijin allowing the gunpod to be made available stock for the Mirage 2000D which severely lacks in dumb bomb configurations.

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Thank you, I will carefully check this source on which you base the layout. I’ve seen more about it, I’ll look it up

According to many, in any case the weapons layout is not faithful to the uploaded sources, we don’t have wing pylons for 1000lbs. And I’m sure that the 400kg SAMPs could carry them, the same logic as the Super Etendard I think.
We could do more, it’s a higher level.

BGL-1000 was already reported for the wing pylons on the 2000D. But there’s no photos showing 400kg SAMP or 1000lbs dumb bombs being fitted to those pylons, if you have any I’d be glad to pass it on.

But as far as any upgrades, we’ll likely just see BGL-1000 on the wing pylons and that is laser guided weaponry.


Beluga 450kg are the cluster version of Samp 400kg bomb.


I don’t understand, do you think Dassault is not very serious? Must it be written somewhere that there is intercompatibility between armaments and platforms? it is clear that the 2000D1 can mount 450kg Samp, because it can carry BGL-1000 or the 250kg Samp. I repeat, to date you can’t even take a base in Air RB, it is underpowered even in SB. Can we do more?

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There’s a French air force document detailing the different loadouts available for Mirage 2000D, so let me look into that and get back to you


Thanks for your time


I did a report some time ago about the amount of 250 kg the 2000 familly was missing. It was moved as a sugjestion.



but was totaly ignored, thats clear. Why they kidding us?

why do you do it deliberately? Because you make fun of paying users, who still believe in your false good faith, and look for sources to change these things. But then you manage the arbitrary sources, and inconvenience the “reality” without apparent logical criteria. For years now you have been winking at a lower quality of players, throwing in a lot of hype, but then we find ourselves in situations like this. And you always ask for money? Well it seems to me that we are not there. At least explain why you nerf or debuff entire tech trees. Having said that, we are waiting for a serious layout for the Mirage 2000, and let’s not make fun of it, months pass and you happily ignore it. Many people think like me.

Chill man, it’s just some garbage dumb bombs. Almost no one would even use them anyways.

And it’s not like Gaijin even uses accurate load outs. The 2000-5F is complete fiction as of now except for the 250kg/500pound bombs and 2 magic 2s